Who uses the Full Suite?

im just curious in who used the full suite plus AV.

Full Suite here :-TU.


using full suite CIS :-TU
the main reason is low resource usage :-TU

Full suite! :-TU


thanks for the respones, Have you had any issue with the AV?

well, some ppl have issue with false positive 88)
i personally haven’t got any (i rarely install/run new programs).

I use Avast 4.8 for my Antivirus & CIS Firewall with D+


No AV; Avast 5 instead.
Comodo AV annoys me and I like Avast stopping web pages loading and bad downloads.

Full Suite here.

I’ve been using the whole CIS suit for some time. At the beginning the AV could crash while scanning certain files, but I think it is solved now. As for the recent issues the only thing that really caused me some troubles was the AV database corruption which caused 100% CPU usage. Many CIS users were affected by this issue, you can find quite a long thread about it somewhere in the forums. Let’s just hope it won’t happen again…
All in all it is very good internet security suite and it’s freeware :-TU. I’d just wish the dev team would focus more on improving and bugfixing the features they already have in CIS instead of constantly adding new ones leaving the old ones somewhat unfinished.

I use D+ and the firewall.

I disabled the AV because it thought some cr-cks were viruses. :stuck_out_tongue:

D+ and Firewall. More than enough for me. :slight_smile:

Full suite :smiley:

wow im surpised on the response, thank you all for replying, im using the full suite to :smiley:

I use the Full Suite, and will even more so have reason to stick using the ‘Full Suite’ when v4 comes out for us all to play with. ;D

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Full suite here to. (or is that too, i can never remember.)


No serious issues, only a few false positives. Couldn’t submit these files within CIS as I was behind a company proxy (doesn’t work) so did it online instead.


I use the Firewall only, although I have Defense+ installed but “disabled”. I’d enable it if I wanted to eg. analyse the behaviour of programs/malware.

Full suite installed, AV set to disable (mostly)… I have had a few FPs mostly back in the days with earlier versions of the Antivirus, but never experienced any major FP problems… My girlfriend experienced the 99% CPU Problem but was able to solve that herself, I had the AV disabled that update and was never affected… :a0