Who uses the Full Suite?

I use the full suite at home and everything but the AV at work. The FP rate at work is very high. (About 6% of the files scanned in the program directory of some specialized software that’s on all of the work machines.)

I have used the full CIS since the first beta and the only thing an occasional scan with other programs has found has been a false positive reported to them and removed.

Before then with just CPF or CFP I never got an av alert when an av was installed, so imho there is no need to even think of installing a 3rd party av however well it may show on AV Comparatives et al.

I found Comodo Firewall when I was getting BSODS every time Zone Alarm updated. I have been with Comodo ever since, and that was in September 2006.

Full suite since 3.5 beta 2. :-TU :comodo110:

Full suite with Training mode for 3-4 days after installation.

see my sig.

Full…but waiting for that ver 999th that’s going to even stop NSA hackers from going into my PC well at least the 21st century NSA hackers ;D. Oh well . . . .on second thought fortunately I don’t think they’re going to live that long.

“Firewall and D+” to save disk space (I delete AV sigs) O0

What do you do with the extra space then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hoard it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy the space for being space; it’s beautiful to see C: Total Size 4.00 GB, Free Space 3.00 GB. 8)

LOL a 4gb harddrive? How old is it ? ;D


He buys them to challenge himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol if its a new super fast SSD hard drive. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D :slight_smile:

The one I saw in a store had a “Warning! Moving Parts!” sign on it. :frowning:

I have used the full suite since starting with v3.8. I believe in using all components of a suite because they were designed to work together and complement each other. You might not get the same degree of compatibility by mixing and matching and may compromise your security in the process.

Then how can it be fast ?


I use the Full Suite

LOL, it’s just a partition. :slight_smile: The disk is 80 GB, non-SSD. :cry:

full suite :-TU

I currently use the firewall and D+,only because with my virtualization setup,updating is a hassle with any AV.

If the sandboxing element of 4 is transpeparant enough for me to understand,I may move to the full suite.

Virtualization is great,but there are downsides.

(Because I have so few programs,it took only a small amount of running outside of Returnil,for
D+ to adapt.
The question is will I move to Shadow Defender when Returnil 2008 is no longer supported,or go the full CIS suite route. I want no part of returnil 2010. leaning towards the suite,even if at the critical time,it is still in BETA)

Hi Dch48 ,

I may disagree. that is a good dream, but just a dream

One can (and probably should) mix and get better result.

AV (any) - does not matter much anyway when we are talking about sophistication of the malware / zero-days / zero-hours(?)/ bypassing sandboxing (whether it’s the Software or the Hardware implementation)

So, no Comodo’s AV (at least currently)

Firewall & Defense + only for me

I may try Comodo’s Behavioral Blocker though in the future on a separate system just out of curiosity in order to compare with Mamutu