Which Router is Better???

Hi, Guys :smiley: I am planning to buy a router for my home networking as my old router died couple of days ago. I am planning to buy between Linksys BEFSR41; D-Link EBR-2310 Router and Linksys BEFSX41. The thing that is important to me is the security of the router;Like Firewall; certain Port blocking; stealth Ports and other security features… Please guys help me choose one. I will be happy if you guys kindly do that.

It is very interesting theme, maybe someone should drop some links with independent comparison/reviews of routers.
BTW. I using IPTV, so I was forced to use one of 3 models supported by my IS/IPTV provider you can see it in my signature, zyxel suits me well and all above mention criteria +it is adsl2 (NAT+ SPI + Out/In Firewall + DOS protection + content filter) / wireless lan b/g (WPA2 authentication) router with 4 “wired lan interface”.

Hmmm, ok there are also modems only, in bridge mode I could use some third party router but zyxel is good for me (and also “free gift” from my ISP)

Yes, Read some Reviews on the Internet, IMO it really isn’t a case off “What Router is better” Look for something that suits your needs! :slight_smile:


Make sure the one you get has SPI(Stateful Packet Inspection),allthough most newer routers should have this.


ps First thing you do=change the password

All Software Firewalls should do this, its a major part of a Firewall… All firewalls should have this feature.


i’m happy with bewan routers :slight_smile:

If it has MAC-filtering, firewall and supports WPA2, you should be just fine, no matter which one you choose. Hackers looks for easy targets, so if you have all this, they will leave you alone.
I’m using a D-Link myself, and it has worked fine. Best thing is that it doesn’t decrease my connection speed.



thats the best, I use it and love every second of it.

I Use

Cisco 1812 Integrated Services Router

Linksys WRV210

I Have it set up to work perfectionaly with CFP 3 w/ Defense+


What AV is built in?

Thier own Is built in of course

Silly me, I found it:
VStream antivirus by sofaware, I guess it is part of checkpoint

Yes. I love every second of it. Its great gateway protection, and it dosnt impace web performance.

If Comodo released their own gateway protection router that interacted with CPF user prompts I would get one ;D

 If you want some real world testing done on some cheap routers, look at this link:
 It seems that most of the well known cheap (but respected) brands are nearly impervious to outside attack.


That may be but those are just firewalls. I like my router because it blocks DDoS, and other common hack attacks.


 There are a lot of differences between routers.  I guess its a matter of research and how much you are willing to spend to get a router with the features and protection measures you will need.  The site I pointed out to is interesting because it tests out the different routers that are commonly available now and even the cheapest ones seem to give a good measure of inbound protection.


Also how you configure your router as well…



Those two statements above are true. Again the firmware must also come into play, some router have deeper levels of SPI then others, mine for example has gateway antimalware as well as SPI. So it does somewhat depend on the firmware, because if a cheap router has a low level of SPI, or ‘dumb’ SPI then the router really won’t give you much protection.