Which PlugIns would you like?

Here are the plug-ins for CFP that I think most of users would like:

  1. Plugin for Controlling the cookies, the referrer, and the advertisments on the pages
  2. Plugin for IP blocking. Something like the opensource peerguardian or a similar fast and lite ipblocker
  3. Plugin for changing the visual interface of CFP
  4. Plugin for http logging
  5. Plugin for DNS resolution of the internet adresses.
  6. Plugin for Parent controlling (for blocking sex sites, warez, etc.)
  7. Plugin for finding who is the attacker.
  8. Plugin for controlling the dialup number. An Antidialer feature
  9. Plugin for blocking popups

Those plugins should not be a part of CFP but downloaded and installed separately. This would make all the users happy.

Those who want them they download and integrate them in CFP
Those who do not want a bloated application can leave CFP as it is or install only those that feats them.

[About the plugin #8. A similar feature of Kerio firewall. Before allowing the dialup connection controls the phone number and the login details of your account. If it is the same with the ones you have added in CPF allows the connection. If not it blocks it and warn you that your settings are changed.]

IMPORTANT: You can vote for up to 5 plugins. But Please vote carefully because it is not allowed to change your votes. :wink: ;D

What is anti-dialer? Please provide any example.

Thanks. I added an example (:WAV)

Thanks, pandlouk. I selected #3 skinning and #8 anti-dialer (but won’t this already be included in the HIPS of CFP v3?).

Hips will catch such applications, but this will catch the others that use your pc too. ;D

i have all ready vote.

A few question

  1. Just to know what is this to see if people want plugins or not?

  2. Also will these plugins be integrated and only used in the Comodo Firewall?

  3. If it is plugins that is integrated in Comodo firewall well will Comodo users develop it? or will Comodo develop it?

  4. The Ip blocker (like peerguardian) did you men that a user will create and develop one? with feature implemented from idea from here in this forum?

  1. Yes comodo is interested to know if the users want them to add plugins in CFP. Also it will help Comodo decide which ones to develop, and maybe prioritize their development,based on the members votes. :wink:

  2. Yes, but they will be installed as addons. They will not be integrated in the main distribution of the firewall. Something like the Languages addons. This way CFP will not become a bloated application. :wink:

  3. Well, since they will interact with a security application like the firewall I think that there are only two options for developing the plugins:
    1st. Comodo made plugins
    2nd. User made, opensource plugins certified by Comodo. If a plugin or a plugin update has not being checked and verified by Comodo, CFP should not accept it.

  4. See the above, answer #3.

Keeping in mind these would be OPTIONAL “skin” I voted for 5 of them, duh , but one in particular “skin” that I would like to see “skin” but I won’t say which “skin” .

However, if a certain plugin “skin” was chosen, maybe it could be something like Firefox where we have to do the editing and putting together, this way, it wouldn’t really have to be a changer, etc…for CFP and we could implement the skin ourselves. So, Comodo could give us the skin detail in a script or whatever and we would have to make everything for it and Comodo wouldn’t have to go through all the work of making a plugin for it. ;D


Skin could always be an addon for me the idea meant for addons is to add extra security feature that is not in the firewall at the moment. like Ip blocker etc…

Look here http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost/plugins.php

there are the plugins from Outpost.

Of Course Comodo would be able to create better and more effective Plugins (addons)

Also the features here from the firewall that Comodo firewall could have except from the antispyware

Hello folks,

Nice to see you are interested in developing addons to expand the perfection of CFP. So here are my two cents (Well, I’ve copied and pasted it from another post of myself):

"I just want to reinforce the importance of COMODO develop a stand-alone Web Filter Product or an integrated one in its already established products.
Day after day Internet becomes more and more WILD instead of WIDE, so all protection isn’t enough. Well, after a wide range of testing free and paid products (Proxomitron, Muffin, Privoxy, Proximodo, Ad Cruncher, WebWasher, WebCleaner and Ad Muncher) I figured out that none of them are the perfect solution. Or they are good, but expensive or they have some glitches, but are free.
A few time ago people would say that there was not a solution to this problem and you should always pay for a good solution, but THANKS TO COMODO (you’re G.R.E.A.T!) these paradigm has changed. Now, we can be sure that we can have an excellent product (normally far better than the paid ones) without paying a nickel for this.
So, I ask you COMODO Team to create free Web Filter software using your expertise and hard-working team. I would like to highlight some points that should be considered in such a product:

1- It should have the power of use of Proxomitron
2- It should have the ease of use of Ad Muncher
3- It should be able to integrate itself with anonymity products like Tor and ■■■
4- It should be browser independent
5- It should work without or with proxy interface
6- It should be able to deal with ActiveX, Java, Scripts, Referrers, Pop-up, Pop-under, Banners, Web-Bugs and all that Internet annoyances in a flexible way. By flexible I mean: you can choose what to block in the site you want to block
7- It should be fast, reliable and Memory and CPU friendly
8- It should support all Internet protocols. Mainly HTTP, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS.
9- It should have the BEST and FASTEST Team I have ever seen in my life behind it!"

See you later,


I voted for 1, 2, 5, 7, 9

Plugins would be nice to see in the firewall!


Also another advantage of this could be for marketing? As whats quite different from outpost to other is they have plugins and no other firewall to my knowledge has one so Comodo could be the next one :SMLR

Does it matter if i’m against the non-author plugins?

I’d add these plugin:

  1. Close interface access: which means you can’t do anything with imput devices, unless you press a - custom setting - specific key. This way i can avoid accidents.
  2. Lock down computer: simple lock down with one click.
  3. Sandbox.
  4. Host file editor (just an idea, you can edit with notepad, but users might’t know where this is).
  5. Directx/GL on-off switch: i’d prefer to use it with own access codes so i can prevent gameing on my systems.

A web filter will slow down the computer, can decrese home page authors money got from ads, so i hope i can avoid the usage.

Hi all. ^^

This is my first post, so I wanted to make it useful.

I agree with the above user for the Sandbox and Lock Down Computer idea. Those, especially the Sandbox, would be very helpful, although both of them would be more an extension for CAVS instead of CFP.

Still, I like the extensions idea.

Also, the above person is also right on the “No ad blocker” idea. That’d make CFP kind of bloated and it’s the job of the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox to do that. (You are using Firefox, right?)

Hi guys,
First: As I stated above those plugins will be addons for CFP. If you do not install it it will not slow down your pcs. :wink:
Second: I am not a big fun of the idea of blocking adds. But we should think about the members that connect with 56k and GPRS. When I used GPRS those adds made the navigation very difficult.

When will Comodo make it decision to develop plugins or not?

i will choose 1 ,2 , 4 , 5 ,7 :BNC , block ads plugin like outpost , i think this function is good (:CLP)

Certainly any plugins would be great, but I find the ip blocking and ad blocking to be the most useful especially if it can be done without slowing down the internet connection. I like Peerguardian, but work hasn’t been done on it for a year and a half. Also, a proxy virus scanner would be simply awesome for those of us who have servers.

Id like a plug-in that gets rid of your tracks. A tracks cleaner, like the one Zonealarm has.

So when will Comodo give the green light to develop plugins? or the red light not to? (:TNG)