Which CIS UI Theme You Like the Most ?

Hello Friends,

Please kindly let me know which CIS UI theme you like the most ? Which one do you use mostly ?

Share your votes , comments and recommendations please, thank you!! :slight_smile: :-TU

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I use flat title theme.
I would like to see CIS having this GUI scheme: http://oshkoshcvb.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/uninstall-ESET-Smart-Security-1.jpg
clean, fast and simple. I like all the components moved to the left (Summary, Scan, Update, AntiVirus, Defense+, Firewall, Tools, Settings,) like in ESET.

Out of the mentioned I prefer the Modern theme.

I prefer the Tile Theme. It’s classic and professional. I like the Modern theme too. I dislike the “Flat Tile Theme” it gives CIS too much eye candy on the icons.

Hi, i prefer flat tile. Its between modern theme and tile.

I do wonder, why do you want to know the theme we like the most? Are you going to remove all themes but the one that gets the most votes or what? Hope that doesn’t happen… I like Modern :-\

I would hope not. Having a choice within the settings is what i really like.

Hey Sanya,

Currently working on the new UI for the next major release, we needed to understand which one to improve , which one is the most attractive to you :slight_smile: Ofcourse you will have the choises for the UI theme. :-TU

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Sure John :-TU I agree with you.

Phew, thanks.

Classic by name, classic by nature. :slight_smile:
Even though the following has been long rectified I have stuck to the classic theme.
Some higher CPU usage was evident when other themes were used on older systems with some previous versions of CIS.
Edit: Reworded.

where are the UIs for voting?

Hi WinBMY,
Advanced Settings>General Settings>User Interface>Themes.
Themes-Comodo Help

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to be beautiful and easy to use

I’ve never really looked at the different themes since switching requires a restart of the firewall.
I usually just set it to Classic when I’m setting up a new instance b/c I want it to look as normal & plain as possible.

I don’t like it when software tries to pop out and look different just for the sake of looking different. I want all the controls act normal, be in the usual places, and look the usual way. Min/Max/Restore buttons in the top right, a pull down File menu w/ an “Exit” option under it, a Help menu with an “About” option under it, etc. No controls that remain invisible until you accidentally hover a mouse somewhere. Some apps pull off a radically different look with some benefits, but it seems rare to me. Mostly apps going this route just look bloated. They take up more space than they need to with extra curves and such, the controls aren’t where I expect them to be, and the normal keyboard shortcuts don’t work.

How about some screenshots for reference? Screenshots are from Comodo Firewall in Advanced View.

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I use the modern theme, but I’d like to have a black or dark theme, something like this:

I use modern. Also outside Windows 8.

Thank you very much Sanya :slight_smile: :-TU

I voted for modern too,

But the UI that Jon79 linked looks really nice, easy UI to move around in and easy to reach any under menu settings without having to “think twice”, just add the current cis 8,2 compact mode/advanced interface to the main page and it will have a great look.