Which CIS UI Theme You Like the Most ?

I noticed that the screenshots are on the second page, if you want to you can attach them to your first post so they are more easily visible for those still voting… Of course you may prefer CIS screenshots instead, those I don’t have.

I really don’t care but I personally like classic a lot

Please make the compact wiew under Defence+ section in settings, as suggested here

Hello yigido,

Could you please create a wish report for this as well? Thanks in advance for your effort !

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Hello @BuketB,

Please join my wish request with your votes, dear Comodo lovers :-TU Thank you
Compact View for Menu Interfaces

I choose modern theme, I find the overly bevel and embossed looks to be a waste of space and in some parts distracting. Modern also seems to response faster on my machine.

Thank you again :-TU

Hey Everybody,

I’ve attached the screenshots for the themes for you to easily check. We’re waiting for your votes! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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Tile theme is my favorite.

Theme: I like Flat Tile Theme :-TU

View: I love Advanced View :-TU

Language: Persian :wink:

And everything is OK , Thank you COMODO :-TU

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I like the Modern Theme (the default on cis 8.2 but why dont you try to bring back the cis 5 theme modernized a little bit? that would be the most apretiated choice for everyone, i guess. atleast for me it will the only one used…

edit.: please, add an option on the poll “none. I want something else” or “none. I want cis 5 theme back”.

Ill not vote this time because I want cis 5 theme with some tweaks and modernized icons only. nothing more.

Hey yro,

I have checked the cis 5 theme in detail. I m happy to inform you that with our new user interface theme we will even get an improved cis 5 theme example, we have titles with icons, we have increased the usability & imporved consistency. Wait for the new version release :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Flat tile looks the best for me.

How about a little teaser, just to whet our appetite? :wink:

For now I am using the Classic Theme, but I would prefer some color, I always
like the BLUE Theme in preivious releases.

There is no border at top to see were to put the mouse to drag the screen around.