Where Is Goose?

woohooo! :BNC (are there another hidden cons?)
yeah, where’s goose? maybe someone served him as dinner for chrismas party ;D

Ganda, I found him! Here’s right here… - never mind. He was there already.

Yes… I might have a few people after me ;D

Missing since May 23, 2008 :frowning:

i didn’t create this topic >:(
yeah where’s goose18 ???

Yes you did, isn’t that obvious. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


Goose is here

Yay !!! Goose ! ;D Where ya bin buddy ? >:( Finally escaped from Ganda ? ;D

Honestly… i’ve been online :stuck_out_tongue: just haven’t found the time for comodo forums sadly :frowning: but let it be known… i’ve checked on CAVS and CFP daily to make sure i didnt miss any important releases :wink: also im back for good now (:KWL)

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)
:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

and specially for ganda (:HUG) (:HUG) (:HUG)

Welcome back Goose


All the chicks in the hall just swooned. (:KWL)

Welcome back chum.

Thanks ;D i’ve avoided Ganda for nearly a month so don’t tell him im here :wink:

Haha Japo (:LGH) Thanks :slight_smile: But yeah i can’t keep those chicks off me (:KWL)

hhaha funny man… (:LGH) don’t you know already all the hot chicks are with me on the DEATH STAR ??? (:WIN)… So I dont know about what chicks you are talking about… maybe about the chicks at the farmer ??? (:TNG)

yeah yeah you can take all the chicks you want, i’m with josh’ GF. (:HUG)

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ganda how could you? :slight_smile:

Welcome back Goose :■■■■

You’re welcome. I jandomly searched for one of Ganda’s posts about you and made it look like he created this thread to lure you out welcome you back :-TU.

ha! so you admit it! >:( case closed!

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Thanks Ragwing :■■■■ not quite old enough for one of these yet though :frowning:

Now someone get me up to date… is Ganda still taking over the world? (-www-)