Where Is Goose?

You bet - the first thing - he’s trying to take over my Italy >:( And my hot supermodels ! >:(

Darth Vader was trying too ! But I bribed him ;D

Oh and Josh - you better keep taking your Karate lessons and guard your girlfriend from Ganda, cos he’s not just want to see her :wink: ;D

:THNK how many times do i have to tell you? stay away from the peking duck restaurant! :THNK

I am here now? I am sorry to say but I left all of you for a girl :slight_smile: and now she left to move back to california so I am back to you guys 88) ;D someone hurry and update me what has gone on? any news? I see CIS is out and there is a pro version? :o :o

I was aware he was a spamming mod ;D but we have a girl forum member? Well… Hello there O0

hmm, maybe i should go to california 88)

LOL :slight_smile: she’s 100% yours

Ha she’s a fake. 88)

I don’t think so bud. I would have to fight to the death over that ;D

yeah ok chris 88)

Odd… Who is Chris? :wink: I am incognito dude :stuck_out_tongue: anyways. Who missed me? and we have a fake female member? Is it soya? :o :o

it’s odd fantasy 88) i knew there’s something nasty going on between you & soya 88) ;D

This should be merged with the “Where is ganda/OT Thread…”… (:NRD)

??? why? ??? this topic is about goose18,chris skybuster. 88)

Well then just think if everyone here started a topic about themselves. They would clog up everything else in this board. 88)

i don’t think, i fantasize 88)

who said anythung about creating topic about themselves? 88) it’s some forum member create a topic about other forum member 88)

Then you’re not fit to be a mod!!! Police!!! Police!!! :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l

Ok, I’ll start creating topics about every member I see, whether active or not. 88)

Is the complaining really necessary Jeremysbost? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I say we all just head over to the Where is Ganda thread and relax. O0

O Oohhhh, can I lock this one then ;D


ps :

I say we all just head over to the Where is Ganda thread and relax.
What’s to say in there? It’s just spam ?

Yeah, or merge with the ganda/alien/totally offtopic/spam one.

This is spam too. 88)

hmmffft, this is no fun >:(

Well you currently call yourself a trojan, and trojans are usually no fun. 88)