Where do you get passes to be a Moderator?

No, that was only to qualify as a mod. :wink:

Seriously, helpful and friendly people who post frequently have chances to become a mod - if they are interested. Not everyone is.


Interestingly, there is a slang word “motzen” existing in our tongue. (to be spelt: mod-san)

Means something like: saying the truth no one likes to hear. refusing to agree by loud expression.


Either way, any COMODO mod is unknowingly part of COMODO itself.
Haven’t recognized it yet?
If so, I can be of help to you (:SHY)

It’s Co-MOD-o



Cheers, my friends.

I edited my equivocal phrasing, I had meant that it was easier for me. But all recognize your effort–even though you actually like to shave them on your own… 88) :slight_smile:

Was that part referring to me :o. Me no likes, it :'(. I’m just another user that tries to help. If any errrr political behaviour came in, I did that unmeanted.

However, if they even opted me. I think I would refuse (quick thought ^_^, can change when really happens 88)) because next week I have exams. The week after I’m training in Austria. And then for 3 weeks I’m in Spain 8). So it wouldn’t be the right moment, would it?

It’s nothing personal Morphos, it’s just my vision 88). I really think that Vettetech deserves it when he calmes down. :slight_smile: BUT only then, because now he’s just a bit hard-answering :frowning:


Any way

A (:CLP) and a :■■■■ for all the mods. They’re really helping people and I hope they will continue like that.

Ah, then I misunderstood your first phrase. :slight_smile:


It's nothing personal Morphos, it's just my vision Roll Eyes. I really think that Vettetech deserves it when he calmes down. Smiley BUT only then, because now he's just a bit hard-answering Sad

hey eXPerience, I was not hinting on Vettetech, nor was I hinting at you when telling you my semi-wisdom. :■■■■

Let’s take this metaphorical rather. :THNK


PS: Of course Vettetech would be able to do this job, I could even name some others here (maybe yourself being included) who were possibly or certainly able and/or willing to do that job. :-TU :-TD

I know some of them wouldn’t like to do it, whilst some other part would rather be keen on becoming a mod.
There’s some out there, who’d deserve it, but would not accept this job even if being asked. There’s others, again, who’d demand it, but shouldn’t rather be enthroned to that status, for the better.

:-X (:KWL)

. There's others, again, who'd demand it, but shouldn't rather be enthroned to that status, for the better.
Like you (:WIN) ;D LOL


That’s already happened, several times.

Does causing pandemonium count for something? here I am @ the bottom of this thread and
feel like nobody love me 88) Of course I couldn’t be a Moderator here I’m already Moderating
at my site, but it brought up some good questions as well as answers, well back to the forum (:WAV)

Boys, boys, boys …

It takes time and dedication to be an Admin/Mod. Also here not every Admin/Mod understands that …

Greetz, Red.

…I still remember that day, clearly.

“The hairless biker moderator” = LOL

…which means?


See… you just can’t understand, do you?

Too many !ot! posts.

Thread Closed.


This is in general discussion, therefore I don’t think it’s a problem to be a little off topic, topic unlocked.

Also, I don’t think there are really any goals you have to get to, to become a moderator. You just need to be friendly, and helpful :slight_smile: As for the 1 year registration, I wasn’t registered for 1 year when I became one.


One of the most basic and obvious qualities is the ability to moderate yourself.

Now that’s a pearl of wisdom. ;D

That goes without saying ;D

In some reason, I don’t see why I would become a mod. If I need something, I just ask a normal mod and they do it for me ;D. So

work slaves, work :smiley:


And yet I still can’t manage… :-\

I know I know, I must be patient sensei.

Hey nothing beats working without pay… Wait I’m not sure if that holds true in the positive or negative way…