Where do you get passes to be a Moderator?

Where do you get passes to be a Mod :■■■■

Well. Here is a hint I will let out:
*At least registered for a year.
*Friendly, Helpful & Active.


And 5000+ posts, depending on your skill level O0

I’m already registered for 1 year, active and friendly. Only the helpful part is still not there (:TNG)

Xan O0

Oh you’re helpful allright. Look how many tests you ran :o The results can help people to make their decision :slight_smile:
And you gave me your wallpaper ;D
Vote for XAN :-TU

Xan for a MOD !!! Xan for a MOD !!! (B)


Yes “But” what if I throw in an extra special Smiley with a U–Tube for good measure?

Say cut the waiting time to 10 posts member for a Month and well that should be enough for now 88)

All the Global Moderators nominate & vote people on possible moderators (Depending on Friendliness, How active they are, there knowledge, etc).

Comodo’s Hero Title (200+ posts) Helps alot too.


And what about me. Where is my pass. (R) (B) :BNC

You haven’t been registered for at least a year ;D

Yes but my post count and how many satisfied people I have helped out should count for something. Here is one compliment.

Just a quick update. I un-quarantined the Ask Toolbar files, rebooted, uninstalled Spy Terminator and installed SuperAntiSpyware (freeware) in its place. Everything works great! I have the Ask Toolbar and SafeSurf operating. You were right Vettetech, ST was slowing down my computer; it runs much faster now. Woo Hoo!–and thanks!

Risa Love

So I told all of you - we need a “Thank You” system in a members profile, were you could write a comment on a particular member and give him a rating :slight_smile: Or give him a warning (with explanation why)

Why do you want to be a Moderator in a giant security software’s forum?
If you ask me, that’s a bloody half-smart will.

First, you will (I mean; YOU REALLY WILL) need to bear a lot of responsibility.
Second, care for your manners; even more (or MOOORRRREEESSS!; yes with an “S”)
Third, help people more (or MOOORRRREEESSS!; yes with another “Sss”) than before you were THE BIG-DARN MOD.

Fail to comply to all of these example, will…

Degrade you forum social status.
Degrade people’s respect.
Destroyed the company you love.
Destroyed the programmer’s food source.
Destroyed the product you loved so much.
…so on…

that’s harsh… (:TNG)

There’s no closed formula. When the admins or mods think that we could do with more personnel, current mods pick them. There’s no objectivity at all in the process, even though all said holds true.

Just a hint: being kind, lavishly kind and having infinite patience if possible, is more crucial than tech savviness. Bashing noobs may seem fun to some at a private community forum, where the site has nothing to win or lose; but Comodo isn’t interested in a mod that does that even once a week spreading bad feelings towards the company, no matter how much he should help how many other people.

Of course when I got in it wasn’t as hard as now… :wink:

And I remember August 2007 when I became a mod, man that was difficult. It even required shaved legs. ;D


You know - that was in Summer ;D Do you do that regulary L.A. ? ;D




now we know you guys (:TNG)

I agree, Vettetech could be a fine mod if he wouldn’t say such nasty stuff and was more patient. So work on that, and I’m sure you’ll get there :slight_smile:

Tnx Commodus, :-*

;D Xan

I have never trusted people who permanently insisted on becoming moderators.

Somewhat reminds me of them good ol’ politicians’ behaviour.

Just a thought. (:TNG)