When CIS 5 will be released?

Ok guys! Let’s post our guesses here. When do you think it will be released?

My bet is that it will be released this Wednesday :slight_smile:

When it’s ready… ;D

16 September or 20

OK. your bet is taken :slight_smile:

I still think this Wednesday, because RC was released on Wednesday a week ago, and previous beta lasted only one week O0

well if you guys would read the release thread a little closer you will see that Egemen said another version is coming so I bet there will be at least one more RC before a final release. :wink:

We can still have RC2, RC3… I hope at least

Thanks for clarifying it Languy!

You broke my hopes but i am happy this RC is not the last version before the final.
I hope CIS 5.0 will be a real blast after the final release :ilovecomodo:

WIR: when it is ready…

^ please stick to this statement Eric, we do need another RC or 2 or 4…

i am waiting…i think even the beta version is soo good

I just want Comodo to release it with as little bugs as possible! ;D

What a nice wish you have! I am with you 100% :wink:

Well, now that’s going too far.

At least, tell us, when the RC2 will be released?

When it is ready, not before.

I think that’s rude.I’m not a 9 years old mama’s boy and I know that it will be released when it’s ready, and I think you know exactly what I’m asking.What’s this secrecy over all comodo releases?It’s not a NASA project, just PC security software.

This is not rude.
We do not have that information. You whine like a mama’s boy over this. It will be released when it is ready.
What is your problem?

Stop asking childish questions. There is not a firm schedule for RC releases. No one know when the next build will be released.

That’s not rude too?Understand.If you don’t know when it will be released, don’t spam with answers like “when it’s ready”.The whole world knows, it will be released “when it’s ready”, so…no news here.:wink:

Stop answering, when nobody asks you.

Your ‘when ready’ question was thrown out to the general population. Anyone can respond.
Personally, it is you that has been very rude to many others on here lately, always over foolish issues.
Please take a moment to calm down and think about what is taking place here.
(Final warning).

No, my question was to the people, that eventually know “when”.You know that too.:wink:
p.s.Final warning?For what?For asking?Please, do not respond anymore to my questions, OK?