When can we expect a new version Comodo Internet Security Premium? [merged topic]

I have a few problem with my Comodo Internet Security Premium version: so I wait to a new version for Windows 10 turns up.
Can anybody tell me antyhing about it?
Does anybody knows something?

the updates in windows 10 corrupt softwares (CIS included); :-
CIS is stable, but updates windows 10 has corrupted installations of programs :-TU

If you want to update to latest RC version which will be the next stable version you can edit your hosts file and run the update task.

Ive got the latest version so can I update anything?

New version Update Failed - Windows 10 64bit

Make sure you post the exact error messages you recieved along with any other pertinent information so the devs and mods can see it in that thread.

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Thank you for reporting.Let me check this and Could you please enclose the screenshot of the Error Message?
Have a nice day!

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Im sorry, but I dont remember (14XX?) and now I have earlier version. Works fine.

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Thank you for your response.
No problem,if you again use this version and got this issue again Please inform us and enclose with screenshot.

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I have to say I agree with this post. The 7036 Release Candidate build was released almost a month ago. Since then it’s been silence.
Are Comodo actively working on this at the moment, or downed tools due to Covid 19.

An update from Comodo Staff / Shane would be good about what is or isn’t happening. Please can Comodo’s team give an update, even if it’s “on hold until”…"
Silence just looks unprofessional.

This is to echo what I said a week ago. It’s now 5 weeks since the RC build. And silence from Comodo - can we get any up date on whats going on, and if there’s a build imminent soon. Why is it that Comodo do such a poor job of communicating with their users?

We have to guess as to why Comodo is no longer communicating as Comodo would do in the past.

Over the past year there have been several changes in the CIS team. Last spring a new lead developer was hired who stayed there only for approximately three months. Then Pavel Marinich was a temporary lead developer and since late October there is a new lead developer (or Program Manager as Comodo calls it). There also have been changes with QA. All in all it looks like the CIS team is reinventing its self.

As mods we are not happy with the lack of response from Comodo and we tried and will keep on trying to get more information coming from Comodo but in the end there is but so much we can do.

I hope that once the RC is gone final there will be a steady flow of updates again. Finger crossed.

Thanks for this Eric - you and the other mods here have always done a great job in terms of staying in touch, and in a timely manner(!), and guiding things. Your efforts are MUCH appreciated.

I can only hope that Comodo themselves soon learn/get a grip on the importance of communicating with their community and users.

i don’t know why, but i get the feeling that soon we’ll all have to go fish for another internet security suite…

but maybe that’s just me…

any comments about it?

.6914 was an absolute disaster of a release. It should NEVER have achieved STABLE release status… and yet it’s STILL on the download page as the latest STABLE release!! If it was up to me, I would have STRIPPED .6914 of stable release status, removed it off the download servers and reinstated .6882 immediately. No one in an authorative position has cared to explain why this version still holds stable release status. This is quite disturbing.

I would hope that Comodo is taking extra precautionary steps to ensure this does not happen again. They must be running into new issues as the release date for the next stable build has taken a lot of extra time now to complete. I personally welcome this, as I do not want the next version to be yet another failure.

Apologies for the delay in responding Mike.

The moderators thank you for your kind words - they are truly appreciated.

Likewise, I also hope Comodo regain their chattiness.

Ewen :slight_smile:

What i actually mean is that i’m getting the feeling that CIS is going to go away for good soon.

And that’s a shame!

From what i understand, since Melih’s gone away, things have increasingly been turned in the direction of not supporting a free product like CIS anymore.
Even the official comodo page offers a version without Firewall.

You have to come to the forums to get it… it’s a bit confusing…

I would really like an official statement (one we can really trust in) about the state of things and what can we expect from the product.
Also, why is it not on the official page as a download?

The free Premium versions is available on the Comodo site - just rather difficult to find unfortunately:

Comodo Internet Security is here to stay and for free as has been assured to us mods by Comodo representative.

The development of the website is unfortunate and very aggressive towards leading people to buying a paid version. It does still provide download links to the free version but you will have to find them. :-\

That was exactly what i wanted to know. Thank you.

Glad to see that, at least, they still plan on keeping it.

@EricJH @Ploget

Thank you both for your replies :slight_smile: