What's happening at Comodo right now?

A confusing new forum, confusing update policy, new program versions that are unofficially (?) available, but there is no description on comodo.com, not working update function. I’m using the free firewall, which doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, but no official statement from Comodo. if I download only the Free Firewall, the whole suite is downloaded. Does this only update the firewall, or does it install something I don’t want? No answers anywhere. Furthermore, update history is not available. Comodo is getting more and more annoying, if it doesn’t get better in the near future, I’ll go to the competition.

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Hi Larsi,

Thank you for reporting. you would have installed CIS pro version as it will be free for 30 days and then you need to purchase the license to use the pro version. so that the update function will work.
Currently we have CIS/CFW/CAV V12.2.2.8012 as free product, you can check it out in the below link.

Kindly install and check & let us know your feedback.


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Hi Larsi,
I confirm it, it’s not easy but it requires adaptation with a small investment by the user to understand how this new forum works

  • like it or not
  • The change in the next version of Comodo will probably be in the same misunderstanding with feedback of the same type I think

Thank you for understanding the evolution, I myself try to adapt

Hello Comodo team,

thank you very much for your reply. In order to create a little clarity, you should perhaps correct ambiguous internet entries. “Download free Firewall” leads me to the link: Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 and there to the file “cispro_installer.exe”. When I run the file, there is no install option that just lets me install the firewall. Instead, the entire suite is installed. That’s not what I mean by “Download free Firewall”.

Best regards

Hi ZorKas,

many thanks for your quick reply!

Best regards

Hi Larsi,

We will check and rectify it.


Waiting for a fix…
Firewall CIS

An alternative site to download the Firewall (only) is Major Geeks:

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Many thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

Offline version:
Hors ligne Configuration Détails:
Taille: 69M (71575144)
MD5: 1eaa9d2233908e517d4f51d94292acb9
SHA1: d093f42d6f9a5828fc766b377207b4ecfc0e742d
Comodo Internet Security prime

My pleasure! And it is certainly worthwhile to use Comodo as the product is superb.

This week, due to unjustifiable statements regarding Comodo made by a developer of Sandboxie, I decided to do a quick trial of the two and was surprised to note that any sandbox deficiency occurred in Sandboxie but not Comodo.

As examples, Sandboxie is not able to contain a recently popular malware type, those coded as OneNote files. Also recent data stealers with contained malicious payloads will be an issue for SBIE as these compressed payloads will be expanded to 500-700MB which Sandboxie can’t handle. Neither of these things are an issue for Comofo.

Add to this the all or none Network connection routine of SB in contrast to the elegance of Comodo’s firewall and the choice of anti-malware containment is quite clear.


Hi cruelsister,
Many thanks for your clear and precise remarks. ! :slightly_smiling_face:

any video on youtube showing this by any chance?

great work!

It’s great If @cruelsister can share the test video :grinning:

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I’m still considering the proper way to present this topic, as a fine line must be walked between demonstrating the advantages of C while at the same time not making it a hit-piece on SBIE.


What’s happening at Comodo right now?
update help promoting products! and…

Thank you very much for your support!

I’m actually excited about the future of Comodo ! Why build this new forum if they were not going to bring it with the software ?

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I have this version and my question is this, is it even safe to use anymore seen as NO UPDATES have been installed for over a year…

Hi blackkatt,

Thank you for reporting.
It is safe to run & use CIS v12.2.2.8012.
The CIS will be updated soon and we will keep you posted.