What would you change about Comodo Dragon

If you could change one thing about Comodo Dragon what would it be? (This can be something you’d like to see added, changed, or removed). Just looking for feedback. ;D

Please list the one thing (and why you think it’s the most important) that in your mind would make Comodo Dragon the best browser available.

For me the most important thing would be to add an ignore option to the SSL warning. (I think the reasoning behind that is obvious to anyone who’s used CD ;)) Also, it would be nice to be able to use WOT again.

What’s would you like to see different?

[i]I believe that you are talking on the “Technical” portion of the browser.

The Basic end-user won’t see much past the UI and some features:
Starts up incredibly fast, it’s made by a company that provides anti-malware solutions making it safe and trustworthy, and it allows extensions/themes.

All I can say is that I second the WOT thing, I guess, although I am not so much of a fan of WOT.[/i]

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For me I would like some form of progress meter. Also on some sites it doesn’t scroll as fast or smooth as some other browsers, so maybe better scrolling mechanism. Thanks

I would also like WOT to work, unless Comodo can come up with something similar.

Also what about an email link? Instead of doing as suggested here.


What do you mean by progress meter? Can you give an example?


Progress Meter

ie like what Internet Explorer Has / When you download something you see a bar; you know :smiley: just above worded it differently :smiley:


[i]I am still at the fact that nothing needs to be changed.

But it seems more like people are suggesting additions to the browser, and that I can fill-in on.

A bookmark-sidebar like Firefox. “Neat Bookmarks” is on the right side and doesn’t stay open when I am clicking on the webpage(I have it selected to stay open, but that’s when I am on the application itself. Clicking on the webpage closes the program, just to make it clear.), unless I need to quick reference a site again or another site for that matter, I admit that it’s good at keeping location of where I left off before it closed.

Open ability, like IE, that actually works. If you guys tried OpenDownload, or RunDownload, from Firefox, you know that you can only attempt to open 1 downloaded file or it corrupts the others that you select “Open” to. It helps since I download/test tons of programs regularly.

Ability to delete from the downloading bar after it’s done, saves from having to open the located folder and manually deleting.

Ability to select the search engines that you use on the omni-bar. Provides easier access than having to keep re-visiting the host-sites to search something. (This is a maybe, since the extensions do give good alternatives but built-in stuff makes it much easier.)

One thing that I would want in the browser is a built-in RSS Reader. So far, I am relaxed with the “RSS Feed Reader” extension. Well, that’s how I am updated with this forum anyways.[/i]

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Okay, so do you mean that for each download you would like a progress meter of how much has been downloaded without having to open the downloads page to check for individual progress?

If so then :-TU
Good idea.

to not to be based on google product.

but i guess that wont happen ;D

I completely agree with you, since I am anti-Google and all, but Comodo’s team modifies the browser and remove the abilities that Chrome does by sending information to Google. This way, I believe that it’s re-made into a Comodo-based browser. Something that’s stated most of the time…“They listen.”

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[i]On the bar, at the bottom, it shows a circle that shows it’s download progress. I would ask if you guys put statistics on download capacity, Downloaded so far, and estimated time left.

Also, if I cancel or open the product from the download bar, I would like the ability for the bar to close upon those actions.[/i]

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Hi just like Jake describes

Also to show how far advanced a site (page) is at loading. Status monitoring. Thanks

i might give a try, but i have my Fox so customized that it would be probably impossible to replace it

[i]I was right with you on that one. I had my FF nicely fixed and full of amazing add-ons but it wasn’t keeping up with me. When I am gaming at full power, hogging the CPU and RAM, I need a browser that pops up fast, when needed. FF took forever to show up, most of those times I forget why I was opening it, and Dragon still loads up in a flash. I even let some of the FF add-ons, still not in Chrome, slide.

Actually, there isn’t a need to replace if you don’t want to. Dragon can stay as a secondary browser. Only time will tell.[/i]

I not to sure how but I would like to change the password manager. Its functionality is fine, it just seems to randomly forget passwords sometimes and also not prompt me to save them. It was remembering my username and password for this forum so I could just load the web page and I would be logged in, but atm I have to keep typing it in and its not prompting me to save it again.

That sounds like a bug. Either that or you’ve been playing around with cookie permissions. The password manager works fine for me.

It’s a Chromium issue. It’s like that for me in Chromium and Chrome 10.x

Oh, well in that case it is something that should be changed/Fixed. ;D

I use Xmarks, so it’s a recommendation. Maybe since it’s cross-browser oriented, it’s worth a shot.

What I have to do is delete the comodo entry in the passwords manager. Then the next time I log in it prompts me to save it again. Its works fine most the time it just seems to happen every so often.