What would you change about Comodo Dragon

Have you tried to use WOT?

I don’t use it so I can’t say that it works in CD, but it seems most extensions do (eg. AdBlock, StumbleUpon, ClicK-n-Clean).
If it doesn’t, you could use…
until WOT is supported.

It doesn’t currently work with CD because the WOT site gives an SSL warning. Since there’s, also currently, no way to add the site to an exclusion list, the extension will not work.

Practically nothing. :wink: I would like to see themes/skins just made for CD. I don’t like using Google at all. Just use it if I absolutely have to. For clarification CD is based on Chromium not Google Chrome. :wink:

I would love there to be items on the jump list, like with internet explorer. So can open say incognito mode or history etc straight the from the task bar shortcut.


i would like a better pop up blocker, and to be able to clear site data upon dragon exit. (trying to stick to safety and trust) and i just cant trust any browser, that allows popups. you never know whats being loaded on your pc, through a popup. and i like to clear history upon exit, for safety purposes. i would rather not go incognito all the time or use an extension for this. firefox, works perfectly on these to issues, but is rather slow, and i am a huge comodo fan, and would like to use dragon, but probably will not, until these two issues are resolved

You probably already know this but…

If you look in options → under the hood-> you can set CD to block pop ups and clear everything when you

I also have this extention…

to automatically clear everything with no user interaction.

Even Firefox can’t stop every pop up.

If you are really intent on keeping your PC clean you should look into browsing inside SANDBOXie.
I never “leave home” without it, and Comodo Dragon is supported!!

take care

I would change it to have the functionality of these Firefox Add-ons and other suggestions on default:

Better Privacy, Adblock Plus, Element Hiding For Adblock Plus, Download Helper, Firefox Sync (I never used the Google sync thing yet, so this may not be necessary), Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, Screengrab, Universal Behavioral Advertising Opt-Out, Web Of Trust, A Comodo Avast Webshield/AVG LinkScanner/WOT Alternative, and the ability to have the temporary internet files, history, passwords, forms, flash cookies, etc. cleared on the close of the browser. ;D

I’ve pretty much made Dragon my main browser over the last 6 months or so, the only annoyance I can think of is not being able to set a master password for the password manager.

I will never use Dragon; but, I could consider it as a second browser if it was based on Firefox.

So… To answer the question What would you change about Comodo Dragon I would change the basics.

Just curious, but why?

Because it’s based on Chrome wich is not as configurable as Firefox nor does it have the huge amount of add-ons the later has.

Every browser is configurable, but if you want Firefox then okay, no need to say that you’ll never use Dragon.
It’s not unique if they are doing everything that another browser does, or how another browser is. There might be companies that can almost precisely clone Firefox with Webkit, so look around.