What the?!

Someone explain this to me please ???

Why is Wisanggeni named Soya, and Soya named Lord Tomato?
Now here’s my evidence ;D
Let’s take a look at this picture.
Wisanggeni posted this few days ago.


And here’s evidence that Lord Tomato is Soya ;D


We see that Little Mac is answering to Soya aka Lord Tomato’s question.

Now the question is, why you done this?

Ragwing, Guardian of Comodo Forum, Uncrowned king of the Comodo Land, Protector of the Light

(Long titles impress people, that’s what I’ve heard ;D)


*. Highlight the blank space.

I don’t accept that as a valid answer ;D
Changed your name to try to obtain Soya’s moderator powers? :wink:
I’d steal Melih’s name if I could lol…

Ragwing, Guardian of Comodo Forum, Uncrowned king of the Comodo Land, Protector of the Light

Actually, it wouldn’t be too difficult if you replaced the l with an I. From “Melih” to “MeIih”. Ok, not perfect…


Kya-ha…ha…ha… I used to play this prank with Paul (comicfan2000).
And i see now, its DOES works!
HA…HA…HA… :slight_smile:

It begin, when I saw Soya reply the “browser” topic under the name of Lord Tomato.
So… I guess I’m gonna put up with Mr.Tomato, to have some potato. :slight_smile:

Anyway… I’ve send him a PM regarding this.
Tho’ I’m sure he haven’t read it yet. As it seems, we live in two different time zone.

*. Highlight the blank space.

I’m the Pink Browser, I’ve hijacked Leoni’s account, got through his leak-safe CPF 2.4. He’ll be back in the evening (European time).


changing the “i” to another “l” is more graphically similar (“Mellh”), but still not perfect.

I though you would come up with that “Hairless Biker” stuff.

By the way… I’ve promised Soya (by PM), that I’d borrowed his name for only a mere 1 or 2 hours, max.
But since, he’s not online yet, 'though I will carry on with the name, until he came-up with giant claws, furious grin, and start whacking me boots out of the way.

*. I think I missed Paul’s mother in law drugs recipe.

By the way Ewen, Sir.
Who won the Anti-M.I.L. T-Shirt then?

Yes, a bit better. “Melib”, “Meljh”, nothing is perfect…

The Tomato will get furious! Red-coloured face! ;D


Edit: this is probably the most none-serious thread I’ve ever seen, and participated in!

Oh, you just wait, until Paul’s return.
Then, we’ll talk about NOTHING SERIOUS!

To bad that I can’t get Melih’s account :-, tried some mods like Melïh etc…

You think this is non-serious, go and find the Korean nosewool topic or the Mother In Law joke thread. They were really, really funny and everyone got into the spirit of things. Comicfan ended up with a great MIL t-shirt out of it. It said “Mother in law, rope, tree, some construction required” LOL

I might start up another jopke thread and offer another T-Shirt for the best. What do you all think? Time for another outbreak of fun?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ah, I even tried the ‘invisible space’(don’t know how it can be invisible tho ;D), Alt+0160, but didn’t work to add it after Melih. I wonder what Melih will say about we’re trying to get her Admin powers? :wink:

Ragwing, Guardian of Comodo Forum, Uncrowned king of the Comodo Land, Protector of the Light

Paul got it. Who could beat him? We all thought they were jokes, but it seemed to be a full time occupation with him.

The t-shirt simply had the following on it “mother in law, tree, rope, some construction required”. Unfortunately I sent it to him just before he dropped off these forums and haven’t heard whether he survived wearing it.

OMG! I wonder if she …

Now that’s funny.

I wonder if someone’s here can match Paul’s spirit for being the most non-serious moderator.

*. There are times, when he post things like; “I type 60 words per seconds, while me kids, chasing me around the house”; to explain his wondrous post counts.

Paul (aka. comicfan2000) just needed to focus on other things (darn careers getting in the way again). I spoke to him (via email) a few weeks back. He’s has wrist troubles (RTS… nasty), but I think he is OK. He asked me me to say hello to everyone… and now is good opportunity. So…

 (:WAV) from Paul.

Name Changing Mods: Warning - Previously, Admins have been known to mess with our names & titles before (yep, they can change them). So, you’re provoking… trouble. Potentially embarrassing trouble. Of course, its OK if you want to change your name & keep it. But, changing them often? You might get what you seek (attention). ;D

LOL! Not only are we doing plagiarism (like a bad pirate copy) of his name here, you even refer to him as “her”! :smiley: (I suppose that was just mistyped from you Ragwing ;))


Yeah, I’m too afraid of messing with admins, who knows what they can do to tweak my account then ;). I’ll just go pink, as I doubt that anyone actually thinks I’m a part of that thing! :slight_smile:


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