What the?!


Wind noise at 210mph!!!

My car makes 210 noises when the wind touches it. Does that count?

That’s one looong list, Pinku.


HI, Paul! How’s your mother in law?
Did she broke ye’re arms, there matte?

How about putting Soya in a sin bin? (not the good old Soya, the new confusing one!) 88)


Yeah, I wrote ‘her’ by mistake :smiley:

I spoke with Paul as well, heard about his wrist problems :'(, hopefully he will feel better soon.

Sorry to hear that, 'xan. I guess there’s just no cheating… ;D

Pink, that’s hilarious about the cars. I think I laughed as ■■■■■■■ some of those as the WWII gaming jokes.


PS: Comodo Firewall Pro 3 Beta just encountered a bug and had to close. It must have been laughing too hard reading in the MS forums about the security of Windows firewall; laughed so hard milk came out its nose…

What gave it away? Was it my new boots? It’s gotta be the boots. And here I thought it was more advanced then the old glasses & big nose disguise (:NRD).

Why don’t you just change it to Melih Jr.? You can kiss it, but I prefer to kick it. :wink:

Now that’s funny! LOL! (except for the sad thing of a CPF crash)

I’m not the one who steal identities here! :smiley:



It happens…in a technologically society. A psychological weakness that I have noticed people assume any name ending with the letter “a” belonging to a female.

Very often, yes. In English, I suppose, as well as my native language Swedish. In Italian however, I know at least one male name that ends with an “a” - Luca. The guy who’s identity I hijacked, LeoniAquila, put together two words - “Aquila” just means “Eagle”.

/P 8)

You’re crazy. That’s definitely a female name (:TNG).

There. I just proved I belong in the assumption group.

Ask this guy:


Being pinky and girly I like this Luca guy:


(:LOV) (:LGH)

You should read the “Topic of No Topics” or “Smart Question/Dumb Answer” threads…


There are truly some amazing threads. I also stumbled over this;

which I didn’t want to reply to in that thread - I’m trying to improve my stay-on-topic ability. Just have to say, of all crazy stuff that has been written today (and what a day!), this made me laugh the most of all!!! ;D isn’t enough!

This is my final post as Pinky, the revolution attempt is over. I’ll give Leoni his account and say goodbye now.


Stay pink guys,

I’d relinquish mine if Wisa agrees to do the same

Sorry for taking your spot there, matte.
It’s just for a good fun. …'tho I know nothing about the other bad fun…
Well, me change me name back again.
Let’s call it a day.
And prepare for Panic’s new joke competition to come.

What do you get when you put Panic and comicfan2000 in the same topic?

Two mother in law harasser and a bloody fun topic!