What i've noticed with Comodo...

What i see as a main problem here is that Comodo team is running for new and new features while they are just forgetting about old ones. I’m not saying new features aren’t great but fixing existing ones is no less important. There are countless bugs that were not fixed in 3.8 and i see they aren’t fixed either in 3.9.
And i’m mostly talking about cosmetic fixes and small changes in GUI.
Why is so? It’s great that you innovate new features, but fixing old is for me very important.
Same goes for Comodo community. You’re all just rushing for new interesting features but forgetting about old ones. Most don’t even care if buttons look weird, if entire interface is misalligned or if context menu breaks OS visuals. This issue seriously needs to be addressed.

CIS is a amazing amazing piece of work. It comes closets to what i would consider perfect, but (isint there always a but ;D) i agree with RejZor.

You are right, Comodo’s trying to do too many things at once. Its definetly beating the competition right now. :-TU but who knows about the future.

edit: too much off topic. ;D

I don’t think you will see much in the way of cosmetic changes until version 4 (I believe this has been said before).

And then what will happen with version 4? From this experience nothing will be fixed till version 5. And so on and on. Half baked product all the time. The main reason why i was always ranting over Comodo. Nothing is ever trully finished and polished. There are always holes, missing stuff, half working features…

Well, 3.9 already has some minor and also not so minor bugfixes and I guess there will come more, e.g. fixing some alarm-mess up problems.

I think the same way as John Buchanan: Complaining about GUI issues which are no bugs doesn’t help yet because they won’t be addresses until ver. 4.0.

I would be just happy if tomorrow’s beta release will have more ring 0 hooking on x64, don’t need anymore then.

And why is that? Because it’s hard to fix 4 corners on some stupid popup? It would take me 5 minutes to do the redraw job in Paint.NET. 5 minutes of work with zero chance of any kind of problems later.
Don’t tell me that ain’t worth fixing? 88)
I get red dots when i see such stupid bugs which make legit programs look like some crappy rogue antivirus.
Hell, i haven’t seen anything like this even there.

You are somewhere right, some annoying and very easy to fix bugs aren’t fixed until now but it’s neither that cruel as you portray it.

No, it’s actually far worse. But i’m the only one compalining about it while 99% of Comod users don’t seem to care if half of pixels stick out of various random things (in random directions).
Yeah we’ll fix it in some distant future. And then i say ok whatever. When that point from (before) distant future will arrive, i can bet 100 bucks it’s not going to be fixed either. If they don’t care now, they won’t care much more about it later. Been there done that. I’m still scratching my head why the F is so hard to fix those button corners for detection dialog. It would take 5-10 minutes to fix that with completelly unexperienced artist (meaning anyone at Comodo could do it, even secretary if they have one). But no.

I have no professional certificate for programming and stuff like that but hell, i know how ppl react and how PR works. It’s looks first and detection second. Always and everywhere. Cars, food, dresses, hair styles and in our field, software. It’s in human nature to prefer things that look better. Interface is what always defines if ppl will even try the program for the first time or not. And if they see those white corners sticking out, they’ll just say: “WTF man, this thing looks half finished.” even if in theory it’s superior to everything else.

And what will attract new users than attractive visuals? And no, white corners sticking out of buttons don’t fall in that category by a mile. For me as professional, i was shocked that something like this ended up in a final version. Hell i haven’t seen anything like it in prototypes and alphas. So hold the horses for a minute and think a bit what i just said. If this will not change, nothing ever will.
Just like i’m waiting for false positives fix and undetectable samples for two days and a half…

RejZor, you are complaining about a non-bug issue. Actually, you made your point quite a while ago. You have beat this issue to death. Personally, I am getting tired of hearing about it from you.
Move on to another topic and calm down!

WTF :-
It’s a serious issue with entire Comodo development and i should calm down?
Facepalm. Triple facepalm. Seriously. Why the hell everyone take my posts as flaming or something?
I’m more than dead serious.

what about just hire Rejzor to solve these issues :slight_smile: … {grins evilly}

Well i always post proof of concept screenshots so basically all tehy’d have to do is to copy and paste that down. I could do those buttons anytime in 10 minutes but since i know text isn’t hardcoded on them, i can’t do that. So i just told them what to do. But it’s a “small” bug not worth fixing. Whatever thats suppose to mean. I guess the button has to fall off the screen for someone to care about.

I guess this is the first time I completely agree with RejZor :o
He might come across as being brusque at times, but in general I think the only thing he wants to achieve is to make CIS better :-TU.

The one and only. But just saying nice words and praise it will never solve anything. Never did and never will. Good stuff markets by itself. So instead praising crappy stuff, fix the bugs and you don’t have to do the praising and advertisement anymore. The product will do it on its own.

I was also a perfectionist like you RejZoR, but I’ve realized that it’s futile to be one. You’ll never, ever find a company that keeps up with malware trends and is bug free. I’m aware that Alwil is probably the closes thing to perfection (it being a pretty simple, straightforward AV), but you have to realize that other companies, not only Comodo, have different priorities and more strict release time-frames (for marketing or other reasons). Even those small GUI glitches, few pixels off etc. require a certain protocol to be followed. You cannot just open the program code and change it in a few minutes, you have to follow a certain, company defined protocol (for obvious reasons); that change, no matter how small, must be in synchronization with other developers, changed with their approval etc. You are probably familiar with MalwareDefender… why do you think its (only) developer is quick to fix bugs and implement new features? You get to a point where it takes more to follow the procedure than to actually fix the bug, and additionally, if it’s not critical or noticeable by the majority of users, it’s not worth fixing quickly.
The developers also have a strict time frame to implement new required features for battling malware (that’s the main goal of CIS, or any other suite, whether you like it or not) and given the fact that the developers don’t grow on trees, features set by the “guys above” (marketing dep. etc.) take priority over minor bugs or issues not experienced by the majority of users. Of course, you’ll be pi$$ed if you’re affected by an issue, but what’s important is that you keep calm and wait for it to be fixed. If you continually have issues with some application, even after a few months/releases passed by, use another application, simple as that. I’m not saying your help isn’t appreciated, but you must realize the points above. :slight_smile:

In this case it is not even a bug, and it will be gone with v4 (new GUI).
RejZor is mouthing off needlessly.

Version 4 gets new interface and the whole story will just repeat. Yey.

I’m with RejZoR.

Thats small GUI bugs make CIS sound unprofessional, while it is.

To me this a bug in CIS GUI 3. CIS GUI 4 is another history.

I am perhaps a perfectionist and whine about little stuff but I hope that they fix that purple pixel on to left corner. It’s important to fix all these small thing, it gives professional and reliable impression about the software. ;D


LOL, how did you come across this one? ;D