What is the best free media player?

I have tired all of them and I still come back to VLC.

I agree, for just a player. it could be the best there is, …

it’s my primary player

Anyone who doesn’t use VLC needs their brain scanned.

VLC cannot play Theora 720p. :frowning: It crashes when I try to play this 1280×720 Ogg file: http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/index.php/download/ It can play 1920×1080. Here is another example: Xiph.Org Video Presentations: A Digital Media Primer for Geeks I have sent crash reports, so hopefully they will fix it. :wink:

Hi there languy99, I’ve never tried VLC, just for general watching of short videos from e-mails or web sites and playing cds would I get much benefit from using it over WMP. Thanks languy99 and Kind regards

my computer plays both just fine. weird you are having problems.

a few things, it is lighter on the computer, it plays a ton of different files, it is more secure among others.

Thanks for your reply, I think I’ll have a look and give it a try. Thanks again.

Another user (e-son) has exactly the same problem on W7 x64: http://www.alltomwindows.se/forum/index.php/topic/22932-vlc-kan-inte-spela-upp-720p-theora/


I’m continually amazed at just how powerful Foobar2000 is.

I’m not fond of its ripping capabilities though. I prefer Exact Audio Copy for ripping.

So do I. :wink: But I need the guides here. 88)

Daum Pot Player. After the developer of The KM Player sold it to Pandora he continued with Pot Player. It is like The KM Player but with sharper images and gets seriously updated.Get it from DVB Support.

You will need to install Daum PotPlayer 1.5.24134 first to be able to install updates. Latest update.

I use VLC for vids but when I just want to have music playing in the background I use CoolPlayer
Very simple, very lite (1.5 MB) Portable and does the job very well.

Here is the version of CoolPlayer for XP It has not been updated for Vista or Win7 but it might run I am not sure.
However, it has been updated for Vista/7 as CoolPlayer+ Portable from PortableApps.com

You might not be able to read the default UI for the original version (XP) unless you have telescopic vision but that is easily fixed by adding a skin. My favorite is BigEasy Skin

I am not sure if you can skin the PortableApps (Win7) version but it’s UI seems better anyway.

All the best, woz of oz

I’ve just tried Gom.
It comes very close to VLC but… the quality of the image is a few steps down (and its configuration is somewhat confusing).
I tested with the same video(s) on the same part(s) of each and the result was always the same: VLC is sharper.
As Languy said: I’ll use them all but will come back to VideoLan.

the same for me! :wink:

VLC Media Player - All The Way (Customized of course, some plugins disabled to make it a bit fasteR)


Yes, yes and yes.

There was:

The VideoLAN project has been notified that the build of VLC for iOS that was submitted on the AppStore by the company Applidium has been removed by Apple from the iOS AppStore.

VLC will be released for Android. 8)

MPC-HC+FFDshow+Reclock+Madvr+MadFlac+Haali+AC3Filter knocks everything else into a cocked hat :stuck_out_tongue:

VLC, Media monkey, foobar2000(just in case), windows media player = All set…