What is the best free media player?

Hi Guys what is the best media player today?

My favourite is Media Player Classic, I’ve been using it for a long time. Now I use the Homecinema version of Media Player Classic since that’s the version being developed.



GOM player and VLC media player are pretty good. i use VLC. it has a lot of built in codecs.

Audio: foobar2000 (player, CD ripper, transcoder)

Gom player on Windows. Also KMPlayer and VLC are good (VLC GUI looks ugly on Windows)

For Mac - VLC is the only good option - and the GUI looks great and the controls are way better ! (:CLP)

What !? No !!! AIMP rules !!! It’s the best - followed by XMPlay and Foobar2000. Winamp is not so good imho.

I though this topic is about media players that can play movies and music.

VLC Is the best lol

(For Both Video and Audio…)


:-TU +1


I’ve only used WMP and MediaDirect. 88)

I use MPC because i install K-lite codeck pac,hehe, and runs very well.

One of the best media players for Windows (I think it’s the best) GOM Player has been updated to version

More about the player and the update here : http://www.gomlab.com/eng/

Yeah, but sadly, you need to download add-ons for GOM…


Never ! I played tons of movies in different formats on it and it never required to download anything :slight_smile:

Well, the first thing it asked me was to download a codec so that it could play it ???


Eufony Lite


I would say Miro, though huge, it’s just awesome
and it’s free, ;D

I just use the builtin WMP and had zero problems. Maybe I’m missing some exciting functions, but if you have never had anything else you don’t miss it. Kind regards

GOM: http://www.gomlab.com/