What firewall can I use with CCAV? (Draft)

Reportedly, CCAV and some firewalls with their own drvivers (eg CFW) do not work together well.

But the Windows firewall is rather difficult to use in high protection modes. And by default allows some things it really should not.

So it would seem that a firewall that uses but enhances Windows firewall facilities might be most appropriate.

This is not a recommendation, as such, but here’s one it may be worth experimenting with. So far I have found no conflicts with CCAV.

On medium filtering setting in free mode it allows all inbound connection attempts by signed Windows files and silently blocks all others. To create rules to allow blocked apps I found it best - indeed very easy - to create rules right clicking on log entries.

I would suggest making the required $10 ‘donation’ to gain access to notification settings. Then initially set it perhaps to low notification. In that mode it will alert all attempts to connect inbound and outbound for all unsigned applications. And silently make rules for all signed applications.

Because it is based on the full WindowsFirewall, not just the Windows Filtering Framework, it should probably deal with the full set of exotic creatures that the Windows firewall will deal with. For example WFF (and so CFW) will not handle Jumbo frames.

If you decide to give it a try, please report back here regarding it’s effectiveness when used with CCAV. I will leave this topic open for comment.

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On my PC CCAV works fine with all versions free and paid of W10FC of Sphinx-soft.com.

Thanks for the idea,I have not tried that, but here is the link:

It appears to use the Windows Filtering Platform rather than using the Windows Firewall directly. So like CIS it probably will not support Jumbo frames etc. But your feedback on this would be appreciated.

Just release ASAP the new CIS 10, which should be compatible with CCAV…
It’s funny that the maker of the best firewall on Earth (Comodo) is making another security product that requires a 3rd party firewall ;D

It’s on the way, but when it will arrive I cannot say…

Zone Alarm Free works fine with it.

To my mind, it is a absolutely impossible that there is no Comodo firewall product which is usable with CCAV.
I have left COMODO for about three months.
Maybe I come back, but this depends on COMODO.
CCAV is a deadborn child when there is no firewall that I can use.
I don not understand your product philosophie!!!

Thanks for the suggestion. I have used the Zonealarm firewall, but not for many years. At that time it was regarded as relatively robust. I think it used it’s own filtering code originally, so, if this has not changed, it may have developed to support Jumbo frames etc.

It is coming I think. Some people have reported on some OS CFW and CCAV can co-operate depending on installation order. But for me that’s too complex, hence this thread.

What about this?

Sorry I have no info on that one.

This one is one of the good options in our hands.
You should give it a try:

It has no longer been developed since 2013… I’m worry about his compatibility with Win 10 AU…

They shows Windows 10 Support at top of the page. But with an explanation…

*Windows 10 Support For those experiencing challenges installing/operating Privatefirewall on Windows 10 (either via upgrade or new system), consider the following:
  • Uninstall Privatefirewall. Reboot system.
  • Apply right mouse to Privatefirewall installer and select Run as administrator. Install and reboot.

Privatefirewall is not formally certified for Windows 10, but in most cases, it will operate as expected on Windows 10 systems. In others, it may be necessary to specify the Win 8 compatibility setting. To do so, go to Start, All apps, Privatefirewall 7.0, apply right mouse and select Properties, Select Compatibility tab, check Compatibility mode checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode: Windows 8”. Click Apply. Restart system.

I did not try but it can work on Windows 10. or other CCAV users are sitting on Windows 7 & 8 can use this firewall.

CCAV has no control over what malware sends out of the computer, for example.
One option for CCAV block connections from unknown applications;
CCAV to use in conjunction with comodo firewall;
Having a database offline can be useful if you run out of internet
NOTE: can have a a cloud-based protection is good, but have a bank of internal malware data can be useful if you lose connection, thus enabling the identification of known threats.
Malware can do file downloads

It is also a HIPS so may have points of conflict with CCAV. If the HIPS module can be turned of it might be wise to do so.

About Tinywall

Pros :slight_smile:
Lightweight basic firewall; simple yet effective. Non-intrusive program with no pop-ups. Ability to recognize associated processes when whitelisting programs. This program could be a good choice for those not familar with computers, as it does not require advanced knowledge to use.

Cons :frowning:
No user dialog; everything is accessed from the pop-up menu. Not necessarily a bad thing, but may be different compared to what most are used to. Cannot select where to install the program. Requires .NET framework

Features: Features of TinyWall
Download: Download TinyWall

Just for make sure:
CCAV and CFW working well together or not?!

It is absolutely ridiculous that we are talking about a firewall solution with CCAV.
Comodo firewall is besides “spyshelter” the best in the world and not compatible with CCAV.
COMODO, you are kidding me.

Good that I left Comodo for months.

Help me to come back

I think that’s the current trend…
How many full-featured FREE firewalls are still actively developed?
Online armor: nope
Agnitum outpost: nope
Privatefirewall: nope

Windows firewall is more tham enough for the average user, especially if set to block every outgoing connection and if paired with a software that offers a better GUI (tinywall, windows firewall control and such).

I saw a video from cruelsister where CCAV prevented a cryptolocker to send out a request to get the crypto key. And that thanks to viruscope.

Until CFW is free, I’ll stay with it. If one day CFW is no longer developed (or no longer free) I’ll probably switch to CCAV + tinywall