What Extensions Do You Use

Just as the title asks, which extensions do you use? Please also post a link.

I use:
Ultimate Chrome Flag
Adblock Plus for Google Chrome (Beta)

Don’t kill me but I am too lazy to post a link.

RSS Feed Reader
Webmail Ad Blocker
Adblock Plus-Mod for Google Chrome (Beta) = MOD made by Fanboy.
Youtube HD Script (It’s what it’s called a “script.”)
Skins/Themes? Kukuruza, TrueChrome, VirtusDesign’s Aero Chrome and Aero Silver Chrome, Abacca Classic Blue, and Ubuntu Dark Human.

I use:
Adblock Plus and Vanilla which Chiron has already linked to.
Simple Gmail Checker
YouTube Options for Google Chrome™
Create Link
Download Helper
Forecastfox Weather
RoboForm Online

At this time I am using:

AdBlock Plus



Easylist Privacy


Easylist Google Chrome Supplement


Malware Domains



Web Of Trust (WOT) (In Google Chrome cough) :a0

But I do look forward to returning to the Dragon in the future. :wink:

If you run the Ultimate Chrome Flag extension Chiron links above, it will display WOT results.

Ooo, thank you, I will have to try that one day; hopefully. :slight_smile:

A shoe is thrown from the crowd :smiley: :wink:

Picks up the shoe and yells, “You! Get back here!”
Either way, the extensions are what I use and it’s up to you to try them.

Thank you for returning the shoe. :smiley:

There is nothing wrong your list of extensions, thank you for sharing what you use; but some links may be helpful for the Less Fortunate. :wink: :a0

Comodo Dragon doesn’t let me install WOT. :frowning: It keeps saying Activating WOT for hours on end.

Despite the slow Firefox, I still steered back to it, using 4.0 currently.
Yet, just today Palemoon released their version of 4.0, and I love Palemoons optimizations.

Short-story long, I keep Dragon as my Secondary Browser and I like to keep it minimal, with extensions:
Disconnect = Disconnect - Chrome Web Store
FlashBlock = https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabjplobcaignabnl
LastPass = Download LastPass | LastPass
No History = No History - Chrome Web Store
No History = No History - Chrome Web Store
YouTube HD Suite = Dance Party

I am using Firefox 4 too, at this time.

I still like the fact that it can Automatically Run In Private Mode, The Bookmark Toolbar allows you to add RSS feeds that you can have easy access to, KeyScramber Free currently supports IE & Firefox only, DownloadHelper is currently for Firefox only, etc.

Some Chromium browsers are advancing quickly though, and I may go back to one in the near future. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Chromiums are improving rather quickly.
Although, I wanted to stay Chromium because of “RSS Feed Reader.”
I didn’t think that there would be a similar one on Firefox, since I like the sidebar just for bookmarks, others require using the sidebar for RSS Feeds. That all changed when I found “Brief.” Back to the fox.

Well for the last several or more Firefox versions, they have had easy access to RSS feeds that you can add and view, here is an example of mine:

In Chromium browsers, when I would click to view an RSS feed, it would look like Jibbar Jabber or HTML code or something. :smiley:

But in Firefox it would show up properly, but the Google Reader is nice, but I like having certain RSS feeds available in my browser sitting there and I can check them quickly without needing to log in to anything. :wink:

[attachment deleted by admin]

That is pretty nifty, but I like to get informed when new Feeds are available. Either way, we all have our ways, good tips, though.

Yeah, as far as I know, you are not alerted when new feeds are available; but like you said, “we all have our ways”, and that is not a problem for me so it works for my purposes fortunately :wink: (but maybe they could add that ability in the future, if they do not have it already, maybe you can send that suggestion to Mozilla). :slight_smile:

Noted, although that’s the reason I use “Brief.” :slight_smile:
I get alerted and I can read the news without having to go to the site, unless there’s more to read beyond what is displayed.

So that is an Add-on, Oh! I did not know that, I had never heard of it until you mentioned it. :smiley:

Is this the correct Brief Add-on?

http://brief.mozdev.org/ :smiley:

Don’t knock it until you try it.

Edit: I am close to switching back to Dragon as my main browser. It loads extremely quick, despite the fact that I have like 8+ extensions. Palemoon loads quicker than Firefox, but even on stock installation it still takes a while to show up, no time for waiting due to my multi-tasking.

The only thing that keeps me from Chromium is the Bookmark Sidebar, which I can replace with “Neat Bookmarks.”

It looks good to me, I will have to try it one of these years. (I was not knocking it, if that is how you say it in English :smiley: , the Smiley was in reference to my lack of Knowledge of that Add-on :wink: )

Thank you for sharing that. :slight_smile: