What are we going to do about Jeremy?

huh ??? since when someone get married because he wants too? ;D

Soya’s been missing for a while, no trace, no clue. and then sded the husband tried to look for her. weeks later,
worrying about his mommy & daddy, josh packed up his bag, filled it up with his karate suit, flip flop, sodapop, and some chicken burger,went to look or his daddy & mommy.

some story huh? ;D

Yeah! I just got more than 1000 posts! :a0

I want to, but the marriage visa will only last 6 months, so we need to get married within that time frame. :slight_smile: But, I really do want to. :wink: :smiley: I better not show a picture of her because she’s really pretty and people would drool. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, she is pretty. ^^

In that case, congratulations Star Shadow. I wish you both the very best. :slight_smile:

Hey Jeremy, think about it they might make you a mod, but you’ll need Gandas’ vote, so you better start sucking up to him/her/it right NOW!! ^^ ^^ :slight_smile:
Xman :■■■■

And the other 990 are !ot! ^^ ^^ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Xman ;D

SMF engine provided the same unquestionable truth: That number was in binary (1010b2 = 10b10) ;D

And all of yours are spam. duh.

Uh oh…quick, ban ganda!!!

Of course not. All my posts are top notch. ;D

So is it agreeing with me?

guys, let’s not get distracted by spam or not issue, and focus to the topic…i’m sorry, what was the topic again?

naaah,of course not, we’re tamed, you can post it here, no worry,that’s OK, go ahead

Hello, just got back from my “time off” (ban (:AGL)). But I have four (4) things to be thankful to the mods for teaching me these things:

  • Teaching: One, well, maybe now I’ll be able to think before I post
  • Thanks: That they just banned me for 3 days
  • Teaching: That they don’t make idle threats (except for ganda 88))
  • Thanks: That they were SOOO kind and chose to ban me right when I was taking a vacation, so I didn’t have as much time to be on these forums feeling sad
  • Teaching: Helped me remember the other things I used to do, that I forgot about doing when I was active on these forums.

what’s with the “except ganda” ?! >:( insulting me!?! >:( >:(
full ban:
*ban on IP
*ban on email address
*ban on username

time limit: 4123 days

:frowning: >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Oh sorry alien.

Love it not to be missed ^_^.

I’ll be back >:-D (around the 24th of December)


i’m thinking something evil >:-D

Have a good time giving gifts to your girlfriend! :a0

Yeah, we pasted samnaun, tax-free shopping !!! :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■


Yeah! My external HD (1TB) just came! Starting the long process of backing-up my stuff (Docs, Pics, Music, VMs :-X, installers, etc) before my first format.

Ganda like pics of strong men, because he himself is a very weak alien.

My oh me…I think the mods have a topic about every active member were they post gossip and plans to make that person feel bad. >:-D Tut tut, what are mods getting to these days? :-\

moved here >:( how do you like me now!?! >:(

we’re getting violent >:(
so what?! >:(
why? because we can! >:(

i am so kewl (:HUG)

I guess that is why the active member list is going down. 88) All your fault (and maybe other mods too). >:( >:( >:(

Now where did you come up with that idea? 88)