What are we going to do about Jeremy?

I’m also interested to know…

The mind works in strange ways, even aliens’ :slight_smile:
Xman :■■■■

It seems mods have strangely avoided this topic. :o

Yes, I’d like to know as well.

No we haven’t.

  1. who’ sded? ???
  2. Soya who? ???

what topic? ???

??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???

Yes definitely a what topic ???

huh? ???

Ehem… Why not merge this with Ganda’s spam thread 88)

Well from kail’s txt under his Display Pic “I’m not grumpy, just misunderstood.” If I merge them I’m scared he will bomb me.



it is our long term goal to have 1 topic for each member (so we’ll have at least 58000 topic),1 topic to place all help request, and 1 topic to contain all angry members ;D

I don’t think so Jeremy deserves his own Topic ;D

Well now. I’m a special person of course. 88)

  1. What happened to sded
  2. Where is Soya
  3. What happened to 3xist!

Havn’t seen Ewen for a while too. He’s a pretty cool guy

Where is Josh? It’s 1 am here in Queensland, Australia. He’s probably asleep (I’m a nerd so I stay up on the forums)

I think Josh left. He’s a guest now…

But there’s not much you can say about me. :stuck_out_tongue: haha. Well, unless you look at my siggy. Though, I guess I am a Married Man Walking. Ah well.

Josh stopped being a Mod because that is what he wanted to do.

Ewen has been around recently (check his profile), but he does have scheduled absence due shortly.

Married because you want to or have to? :wink:

What about sded and Soya?

Yes, I said I’d like to know as well. What’s your point?

or did his account get hacked again…