What are we going to do about Jeremy?


Now I think Jeremy got exactly what he wanted… his very own topic (created by someone else). But, should you be careful about what you wish for? We shall see.

Grant him his three wishes?

And those are ? Why always granting, it’s more fun preventing him from getting them O0


that was the point. :slight_smile:


Ok everyone, guess what they are. I’ve left too many hints about one of them. Too many…

no offense, but with that one, i have seen some other users that really deserve it more…

Lets rope him around a cactus? :lol: Just kidding… :slight_smile:

Yep! I have too. You for one of course. 88)

Cough Thanks.


Oh haha, I just noticed I had posted about 800 posts. Last time I looked I had 400. :THNK

If mods/admins could see who sat behind this screen, they certainly wouldn’t grant this wish:




?? ?? ??


You must have gone to specsavers Jeremy,that writing was awfully small…or did you 88)

More like one of these

Guys, there’s no need to be too hasty and discard ideas & suggestions at this early stage.

I’m better.



[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you think the flip-side would be better?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh, I first thought you meant that you would give me my wish for free. 88) Should have known that you don’t like me… 88)

Oh BTW, if you give it to me I’ll give it back.



the 1st is what ganda looks like, the second is kail.

don’t drag me into this mortal discussion >:(


Oh boy…I’ll drag you in whether you know it or not!