Web Inspector... are you using it?

have you tried it?

what do u think?


I updated the url to reflect changes in the product name. Eric
Changed link to https. JoWa

I use, WOT (Web Of Trust) but will be sure to give this a go and offer my thoughts/input on this… ;D

its a great tool, i used it 2/3 times vs some legit website … still not tried vs exploit :slight_smile:
But sound work aswell ( view MRG forums )

Siteinspector is different because it checks if there is an “active attack” happening from the site.
its not about what others think about it etc. its about whether the site is malicious or not.

would you be able to integrate this within CD? so when you surf the website you’re on is getting analyzed straight ahead.

I would love to see this integrated into CIS and your browser like Valentine said. :slight_smile:

I have added it to my Comodo bookmarks

I tried to use it, but never succeed. In google research, I copy the URL of a site I want to visit, but was unable to paste it in Site Inspector. The research window remains empty. i would love to use it but how to.


He , he I have used Site Inspector once or twice but all I got was this message :

[“Sorry! This site is not yet in our system now.
you can submit this site to us.
Thank you!”]

Is it too small database yet or what? :cry:



or like link scanner… (right click link and scan), can be added to CIS?

Yes, i test it again exploits…
and guys… when you find exploit undetected by SI send me PM.

I don’t use it because I can’t use it conveniently with Opera. If an addon was made for opera, I would totally use this.

I would use it if there was an extension or plugin for the various popular browsers. I very rarely use the web interface type scanners.

WOT is about as reliable and trustworthy for security measures as Wikipedia is trustworthy for information. Both sites use user input to gain their security/information standards and are continually fed false information. So I do not use nor recommend anyone to use either of those programs/sites for their security and/or information gathering protocols.


PS. It has been proven dozens of times.

Sorry! This site is not yet in our system now.
you can submit this site to us.
Thank you!

I personally don’t want to keep visiting a Comodo site or any other site to add a link to the database or to see if the site is malware active.Just my preference.

A simple tool with a green tick or red cross or orange ? in search queries is suffice.
Comodo Site Inspector plug in or tool thread here http://forums.Comodo.com/siteinspector-b240.0/

After coming to know WOT, I would need something very special to give it up; SiteInspector is not it.

You’re simply wrong and I’m sorry for it.
I am sorry as well that I can not explain why you are wrong: considering the reasoning behind your post you would not accept/understand my argument.

But they are completely different things. WOT is a community rating system, Site Inspector is an actual malicious content scanner.

I doubt you’d trust an AV application that simply went by people voting whether or not a file was malicious, why should the security of a website be any different? :wink:

But, as another poster put it, what I (we) want is a green/orange/red rating to help browsing safely.
To other ends there are enough tools around, like http://www.virustotal.com/advanced.html#browser-addons
But I don’t think a lot of us use them except in particular circumstances.