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(B)I like your firewall most of all because it guards your back PORTS, it’s easy to use and very reliable.


Pretty easy to use, very nice interface, effective and has very good tech support. Can’t really ask for more.


Poeple trust me under this nick more than they probably would under my real name hihi

I have been using Kerio Personal Firewall which was APPARENTLY free. After 30 days of using it refused to use its more advanced features. You, Comodo, are free for real. Both noobs and r0xx0rs can enjoy the Comodo! (V)

I have been looking for a replacement for Sygate Personal Firewall as it had grown long in the tooth and after Symantec bought it, it was no longer supported. After reading several positive reviews I decided to try Comodo.
An excellent product with a clear and easy to use interface, it makes excellent guesses from the basic installation and offers clear and informative information when an application tries to access the network for the first time. I would recommend it to any home user as an alternative to the basic Windows XP firewall.


I’ve just installed the Firewall and it seems to be running very well. It’s easy to use and effective according to online system scans.

As a result, I’ve installed your verification engine and have found it to be really impressive, especially for my “not so computer wise” fiancee as it allows her to quickly see if her banking websites are safe without having to look at certificates, etc.

So, a quick thank you and well done. I’m looking to install your anti-virus too, but will wait until it’s more secure.

John Hunt

Having used ZoneAlarm Security Suite on my outward-facing system, and the free ZoneAlarm
on the others, for a year, I thought I had found a security system that would guard me for the
forseeable future. However, as I’m always on the lookout for alternatives and new technologies
in the security area, I spotted a reference to CPF and replaced Zonealarm with it on one system.

First impressions? Very favorable! (V)
I know to some users the granularity of the controls available may be daunting, but I think that
out-of-the-box settings should work just fine, and as an IT Professional, (L) giving me access
to just about every option I need.


  • Include the FAQ, or at least a link to it, instead of the bare-bones program install.
  • At first-run, guide your users to the wizards for ‘New Zone’ and ‘Scan’.

Getting the settings correct so that I could access my email. See the first bullet above. :wink:

I will continue to evaluate CPF (I still have 4 months to run on my ZA-SS license), but barring
a major disaster, it may very well be my universal firewall of the future.

man,i am really impressed…i have used mcafee,norton,zonealarm ,kerio and outpost.never really liked any…and i got the best firewall now…thanks…only request-please don’t stop this project…

Two months now expired my licence of Norton Internet Security 2005. I was searching for a valid alternative that would be easy to use and that would need less resources. I have tried a lot of firewalls,antivirus and security suites. Some of them are Norton, Mcafee, Zonealarm, Kerio, F-secure, Oupost and others.
From the firewalls, the two that I liked more was Norton for its semplicity and Outpost because it gives more more control to the user and from the antivirus programs NOD32 because it is very light on resources and it is very secure.

Then I read about Comodo firewall over the internet and I decided to give it a try. And I must say that I was impressed. It is very simple to use for beginners and fully configarable for advanced users. It has a very nice interface and the most important thing: Is “boolletproof” against external attacks and internal leaks that can be caused by troians.

I would have paid to get a licence of Comodo personal firewall, since it performed better from all its competitors. It is just incredible that it’s absolutly free.

I can’t recommend it enough.


Athens, Greece


I recently downloaded spycatcher express ( a common antispyware application that can be found here tenebril.com) but the Comodo firewall is not compatible with it. Everytime I would restart my computer, the firewall would encounter an error. It only happens when spycatcher is installed. It’s not a big deal because you are starting to add spyware definitions to the Comodo AV, which I also use and really enjoy. Both programs are great and I’m looking forward to them when they’re both completed so that I will not need an outside antispyware program. Thanks for the great programs.



Maybe contact Hijackthis as well ;D URL: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/index.html

I’ve been using CPF for about a month now and I love it. Its very easy to use, setup and configure. I first heard about it on the firewall leak test website. At the time I went there it wasn’t one of the highest rated firewalls, but I did some research about it and found out that the newer version had been vastly improved. So I decided to give it a try.

I ran every single one of the leak tests that they grade the firewalls with from the leaktest site, and CPF passed every single one of them. You can’t ask for better than that, not to mention the program is free, with lifetime licensing.

Thank you Comodo for an awesome product and I’ll be recommending it to anyone that is looking for the best in a firewall. I’ve already gotten all my family’s computers loaded with it and I doubt that I’ll be looking elsewhere to replace it.

I have used Kerio, Tiny Personal Firewall, Sygate, ZoneAlarm Free, Sunbelt-Kerio, and until recently ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (free from my ISP).

I had been having a couple issues with ZA ISS, and when I saw in a review that ZA ISS was slowing down systems by 25% with all the bloat that it had bundled in… that was the final straw. So I unistalled ZA ISS and began my search for a replacement.

The first time I had stumbled upon Comodo (having never heard the name before), I did not take the time to read the forums to understand the free philosophy… There were so many free utilities other than Firewall, that it initially felt “to good to be true”… so i deferred looking any deeper and continued my search.

I ended up trying a new version of Sunbelt-Kerio, and quickly unistalled it in favour of an old Sygate version. Not happy with either decision, I continued my search again scouring security forums. I was 3/4 convinced that Jetico was going to be my next attempt when I hit a thread that pointed to a PC Magazine article on Comodo Personal Firewall [url]http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1969207,00.asp[/url]. Here is where i realized my previous mistake to defer giving Comodo a chance.

After reading through the Comodo Forums, I immediately felt the live, vibrant community of users and Comodo personel. No where else had I ever seen Vendor created wish lists. So I immediately installed the Comodo Personal Firewall; and never regretted it. Any issues I had with configuration were answered the same day, if not instantly. The firewall is truely powerful as it is, but after reading the upcoming development additions, CPF is destined to be the greatest firewall ever; due to the collaberation of vendor and user community. If you have ever thought… “I wish my firewall did ?”… CPF either does it, or has it on the ToDo list.

I doubt my system will ever see another companies firewall!


 Hi, I happened upon Comodo firewall after being discusted with Zone Alarm, which I used for years. I would first like to say that Comodo is top notch in both application user interface and protection, not to mention the PRICE. While doing firewall tests with ZA and WinXP firewall, there were always open ports, not explanations to what or why something was accessing the internet. Now, using Comodo, not only do I have full contol over what accesses outside resources or incoming, it has passed every firewall test I put it up against, not to mention the security bar that allows you to see where your protection is currently set at.  At startup, it doesn't take 5 minutes to load as other firewalls did, with the exception of WinXP firewall, which isn't considered in the ranking to me anyway, but ZA took up to 8 minutes to load as to where Comodo takes at longest, 1 minute if not right there.  The learning feature is absolutely excellent and does exactly what I want it to do. The interface is bright and easy on the eyes and I have never had a firewall that is actually FUN to use. I open it all the time just to take a gander. Not to mention the fact that the Comodo team actually makes you feel like you are important which is something I haven't seen in any software. I truly don't know what more anyone could ask for , besides being a part of the Comodo community where everyone is actually happy and friendly, perhaps because they use this wonderful firewall. Thank you Comodo team for a wonderful firewall. 


Hello …Accordingfor my knowledgment about the ports and firewall , what i can say now , it s really a very good job , at least it s free for all whom looking for protaction their computers , and i am really liked the organaised forms which show alots of informations about your networks security , IP’s , and physical mac numbers

i did daownlaod it and i am really recomand this program for all freinds whoI know they are looking for firewall tools.

ali .

The Comodo Firewall is a serious and exceptional product. It has a clean interface that is considerably more intutive than others I have used. I am a teacher in a boarding school and will highly recommend it to students as they bring their systems onto the campus.

I especially like the suggestions or advice that it gives relative to potential problems. It may not always be correct, but it explains potential hazards on the fly before you make a serious mistake.

The updater is relatively nonintrusive and the security of my system speaks to the completeness of the updates.

This is a product worthy of serious consideration for purchase and should be competitive against any other firewall product on the market.

David W. Brown, PhD

The reason why I choose COMODO Personal Firewall over others:

I used Kerio PF for 2 years, and was very satisfied. Then, I came across this awsome Firewall that has a free lisence that works for ever. This Firewalls name was COMODO PF. Ooh, I thought it was great.

  1. I love it because it’s free. *****
  2. I love the Launch Pad, wich sows all the COMODO software that you have. *****
  3. I like it, because I can leech from ppl over LAN, and they cant leech annything from me. :stuck_out_tongue: ****
  4. I like the setup of the Firewall. ****

There is just one negative point.

  1. I cant LAN games with the Firewall on, I have to disable it everytime. *

If you want details of me, PM me! :wink:

Hi, Melih

I use CPF because that program is realy easy to use and same time it is perfect protection prom viruses. It has a god updater.

Shule_88 from Serbia

Simply: it’s convenient, it’s complete, it’s fast and all we can help making it better!

CPF was a quick and easy installation with a flawless setup. The popups were there and it was reassuring to know that CPF was monitoring activies and allowing me to permit or prevent them as needed. The next move was customizing CPF through setups and tweaks to the various applications operating on my computer so they could all communicate with the internet as needed. This help came from the Comodo forums and the faqs/threads site. The CPF udate feature works and I have seen some improvements and refinements in a short period of time since installation. The Comodo forum team was very responsive in making this new highly functional product work superbly well on my pc. I highly recommend it.

Little Rock, Arkansas


I go way back to the CP/M days.
First really good firewall I found was a gem called AtGuard.
Efficient, capable, inexpensive, in short, an excellent product.
Of-Course, they got gobbled by Symantec, and when it came out, it was about what you’d
expect, Dreck.
Thus began my trek!
Waded through, Kerio, Sygate, idontknowwhygate, ad nauseum.
Cheese and onions! Why can’t I find a simple, secure, outta-my-face firewall?!
I’ll pay! I said, and Zone Labs stepped up.
Hmmmm, gettin’ there, i thought. So, I bought.
Little clunky, but it works.
Then they stumbled, and brought down their clients with a broadcast bug!
Enter, you good folks.
Now, THIS, is exactly what I’ve been pinin’ for, Elegant Software.
Free, doesn’t enter into it.
It’s terrific, and Mahalo nui loa! But, it’s not your “selling point”
I’d happily pay actual cash for Comodo Firewall. :slight_smile:
Seriously, my friends, I am Impressed with your work.

John R. Scott
Kona, Hawaii