We need your Testimonials about our products starting with our Firewall [CLOSED]

Please tell us why you like our CPF. We want real world users telling us why they choose CPF over any other firewall. We will use these quotes (not sure if all of it or not but at least some) on our website, so pls try to include your name (if you have no problem with it, or simply initials and your location pls)

Much appreciate your time for doing this.

thank you



Comodo Personal Firewall has to be the best Firewall I have ever used including paid, it monitors all your connections, it tells you about certain connection attempts and recommends what you should do depending on the application trying to connect to the internet. On top of that it is free, it has free A+ support, it has a very attractive interface, and it protects you from all known leaktests!

Justin Leffert

Florida, United States

Hi Melih,

I’d been looking for a good free firewall for a while after my Norton subscription ended (I was only using it because it came with the computer) and tried ZoneAlarm, Kerio, NetVeda and Jetico.

I had some problems with all except for ZoneAlarm, but after seeing a review from Firewall leaktester realised it didn’t offer as good protection and I decided to try Comodo which was higher ranked.

I know that Comodo now should be even higher in these comparisons (i.e. First) as it now passes all the leaktests and offers outstanding protection against existing and new threats. With this level of protection I’d never choose another firewall over Comodo and have recommended it to a friend who still - for whatever reson - uses Norton which they are having a lot of problems with. I now use other Comodo products, because of how excellent I know they are and the way in which your improving them.
(L) (B) (S)

Michael Evans,
United Kingdom, England

I don’t even remember how I came across Comodo Personal Firewall, but I’m very, very glad that I did. The firewall passes all the leaktests you can throw at it. Its interface is very easy on the eye while still retaining full functionality and it’s dialogues are very informative (more so than any other firewall I’ve used before). It’s exceptionally thorough in both network and application monitoring, very configurable, simple to use and Comodo’s support (both official and user community) is fantastic!

Ewen Bishop
Sydney, NSW Australia

(V) (L) (B) (R)

I like Comodo Personal Firewall very much! It is stable, efficient, doesn’t slow down my computer, the interface is fine and (beliete it or not) is totally free! A must have software. You really should try it. I’m very sure that you will love it too.

Thank you very much, Melih. You saved a lot of lifes with Comodo products.

(S) (WCF4)

si può scrivere con la lingua madre quindi non arrabbiatevi ;D

comodo è un buonissimo firewall considerando che è gratuito ;)…e spero che resti free perchè se no moltissimi utenti cambierebbero firewall subito ::slight_smile:
utilizzavo zone alarm free per la sua semplicità ma questo comodo è il massimo…bella grafica, supera i leaktest, si può configurare in profondità, ma quello che più mi piace è il fatto che in default è già tutto a posto…e i principianti nel campo dei firewall come me sono molto contenti…
e gli aggiornamenti sono periodici…
l’unica cosa che mi piacerebbe è la traduzione in italiano di comodo che adesso è solo in inglese…


Hi Melih and All Users,
quite by accident I came across Comodo. I was looking at alternatives as I have tried and used them all. For the last two years paying a substancial amount of money to Macaffee. Whilst looking around I had reasoned I would be paying out again. Saw Comodo and thought ,why not. I have to admit that I was rather pleased with the way the company comes over,not the least because I’m from Hull and saw that someone on Comodo went to Uni there.There’s predudice for you.
Then there is Melih, someone who cares like he does has to be someone to support.At this point I didn’t realise that I could download these programs for free. I downloaded the Firewall and Anti-Virus together. I have to say I am not disappointed.
The Firewall told me as soon as it loaded the the validation tool was trying to get on the net.Though I know about this other Firewalls haven’t even reported it was happening.I shall continue using them both and in fact have them running on their own.
All Good Wishes to All,
George Ipswich UK

I came across Comodo in PC Magazine. A 4 1/5 star software, for free! The best feature is that it is preconfigured with safe programs, so you don’t need to go through millions of popups when you install it, and every time you start up your computer. Did I mention it was free? It has a very good GUI, and preformance that can compete with the best.

I found & downloaded Comodo firewall from the net. It gave the best results I have ever seen on Gibson Research’s ‘Shields UP’ firewall leak test:

Your system has achieved a perfect “TruStealth” rating. Not a single packet — solicited or otherwise — was received from your system as a result of our security probing tests. Your system ignored and refused to reply to repeated Pings (ICMP Echo Requests). From the standpoint of the passing probes of any hacker, this machine does not exist on the Internet. Some questionable personal security systems expose their users by attempting to “counter-probe the prober”, thus revealing themselves. But your system wisely remained silent in every way. Very nice.

I have a second machine running Linux linked via an ethernet card & found it easy to add it as a trusted zone & gain net access for it.

I have already recommended it to a friend & will continue to do so.

it seem like pro defender by kas has lost there way with their antivirus programs they stink and in my opinion the worse protection that is out there today.I wasted forty dollars on the 1&15 now it unstalled and is useless, money i had now down the drain… the program somehow lost my code liosence and I could not retrive it …comodo saved my life im running free now and thankful for comodo im a disable vetran and my funds are scarse money is tight with all these gas prices and these days hardly anything is free thanks comodo …

(L)I have just found you and have done all the firewall testing before making you my firewall. Comodo passed the Leak Test and others with flying colours, and is easy to use so easy that I have downloaded the antivirus as well. I have used Norton and Zone Alarm before, but they keep adding things I don’t want and would not use, you at least allow us to choose what we want and if that is only a great firewall that is it. I am recommending Comodo to everyone

Hi there ;D
When i install CPF for the first time, i begin to love it because of his clean interface and his price :wink:
But i start to hate it because ActiveSync won’t work, happily i found the way to get AS work again. Then i found some “review” of CPF talking about some “hole” and “■■■■” inside… Then i decide to find all kind of test of CPF, and i found that many many people like this program, many many are ok to say that somes peoples don’t like quality free software and do their best to destroy them >:(. Ok if you read until here i just wan’t to say i like very much CPF (WCF10)

Best regard to Comodo and all users… ;D

Hi there cheers (B) from “wizard” in Barbados… Comodo free produts are Excellent…I rate the firewall and antivirus high among the commercial products > Thumps up.

keep the good work while i spread the News. :slight_smile:

Thanks to comodo poor people like me who can’t afford to purchase these critical products i say thanks a million.


From a first look, the firewall appears to be of a reasonable quality with a nice and uncomplicated GUI, the features are simple and most certainly enough for most people however I would personally like more advanced features, control over packet filtering etc.

Overall I thinkl its worth mentioning what brought me to this product over the others that are available… I generally run Linux myself and only do the Windows thing for friends, in the past I have used Zone Alarm and Tiny Firewall… which are imho a little bit bloated and appear to effect system performance on a negative level, I’ve always felt that the ‘free offering’ from zone labs was restrictive and general;ly an attempt to make you upgrade to the retail offering which is not woth the money imho

OK it’s free, but how is that so what’s the catch??? HOW much of my soul do u need<joke!!

thank you for the free firewall! (WCF32)

Dear Comodo
I came for a certificate but ended up trying your firewall.
After about a month of using CPF I had some problems unrelated to the firewall and reinstalled Zonealarm during the rebuld, which I had previously used for years.
Started off ok but I began to miss all the extra info and control of the firewall settings that were availiable in CPF. I found this became worse as I re-installed and re-enabled my normal applications and zonealarm kept trying to sell me its commercial brother everytime I asked it for info on something.
So I have just reinstalled CPF.

Excelent Program, Full product and Free Too, Wow man what more can you ask for.

Keep up the good work

Essex UK

Why don’t you do as AVG and with each mail sent out, say checked by Comodo Anti virus. This will get your name out there.


Comodo already do - make sure ‘certify incoming / certify outgoing emails’ is checked under the emails settings advanced tab.


Your Firewall product is one of the few software products to come along in many years that know what the art of programming is all about. A designed product that is extremely effective while being very efficient. Unlike other products your effect on system resources is minimal yet when tested (SHIELDS UP -) is accurate, fast and professional, with far fewer code than any compared product on the market.
As a bonus the software is very intuitive, it actually makes sense!!
Oh, … the price (Couldn’t be nicer)!!!