We need your help translating Comodo firewall into other languages! [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone

CPF v2.4 (next version out soon) will have the long awaited multi language capability.

We need your help in translating this.

We want as many languages as possible.

Please send a private message to Umesh by clicking Comodo Forum with your details so that he can send you the file (excel file with around 1000 entries that needs translating) We really appreciate all the help and you can simply do part of it if you like…we are grateful for any help you can give.

We need people who can trasnlate to the following languages


any other i missed pls post…

thank you for your help in making Comodo Firewall a true Global firewall protecting everyone in every country!

thank you


Turkish ???
I guess Egemen and Melih are Turkish names…lol…

Finnish would be nice too.

I’m teacher of valencian/catalan.
Can i translate it to my language?

That’s what I thought. Still, asking the boss to get in the trenches might be going too far.


Swedish would be nice. ;D I’ll PM Melih…

Catalan may be not important because i sent a PM and … nothing (:SAD)

At the moment we are finalising the file to send to everyone who was kind enough to offer their help (including Catalan :- )

So pls expect a file from us on monday.

thank you, thank you, thank you



Thanks a lot. (:SHY) (B) (:WIN)

I dont see Slovak language.
But I am not sure, if I will have time.

This is one of those times I wish I could help Melih, but unfortunately my language of Italian is very limited as I learned mostly cuss words and some basics. Unless pig-latin becomes a language, orget fay at thay. I do know some people who speak spanish\Italian and may be able to ask them. If I can in fact get them to help, could you use some spanish and Italian translations? I can’t promise they will but i’ll give it a go if you want.


Italian ? Right here.Email me… (:WAV)

Ok, I practically have the Italian translation ready.
It took me about an hour and a half to prepare all the files.

But since I’m so picky about it, I’d like to see some screenshots of where each line that gets translated will go.

As you know, context is very important when making a proper translation… otherwise we’d all be using google or babelfish. :stuck_out_tongue:


I totaly agree.

Simple example:
english “any” can ben male, female or neutrum in german. (jeder, jede, jedes)

So without context there is a 3:1 chance that the translation is incorrect.

I also would like to know if there is some kind of “length” check we can do and some other questions.

see also here https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2626.msg20976.html#msg20976
(maybe Melih can answer this questions?)


Hi, Im Spanish and My wife is “Catalana”, I think than we can help you… If you are interesting contact me. :wink:

And that’s the second point I was interested in… some of the translations are a bit too long to fit in if they’re for buttons.

If there was a column that identified the total amount of characters for that particular translation it would be possible to make everything fit. The way it is right now some of the translations need to be abbreviated. Italian is somewhat “talkative” and so doesn’t summarize easily.
Oh, I was wondering… how about a Sicilian translation? Sicilian can be translated to English almost directly… :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m joking about the Sicilian translation although it truly would be easy to do…)


I have another question to all translators:

How do you handle splitted sentences?

You can press
button anytime […]

german (retranslated to english) would be:
You can anytime
the Skip-
button press

As you can see, “press” and “anytime” are in exchanged places.

Is there a special reason why they are splitted or is just because they are on diffent lines in a dialog so that it will be no problem to reorder them for translation?



as a little help for checking the length of original and translation, I did a quick and dirty hack in PHP.

So anyone able to run PHP (e.g. local XAMPP environment (see http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html for such a local installation)) is free to use this script

Usage is simple, just give a file, change delimiter if you use other than semicolon and hit submit. Then it lists file in the following format:

[tr][td]English [/td][td]7 chars[/td][/tr][tr][td]translation[/td][td]11 chars[/td][/tr][tr][td]-[/td][td]-[/td][/tr][tr][td]I[/td][td]1 char[/td][/tr][tr][td]you[/td][td]3 chars[/td][/tr]

and so on.

One limitation seems to be that at least on my system you have to put the files in the folder where the PHP script is when using Firefox. On my system it gives errors when I try to load from another location. IE seems to have no problem with it.
Second limitation is that the script only support two fields seperated by the delimiter. If you have files with more than original and one translation I don’t know what happens.

Of course you have to rename the extension to .php after download for it to work.

Hope this helps a little bit.


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No special reason. It wont matter at all. Feel free.

Ooops I had an error in the script.
Now double letters will be counted double :wink:

Besides that it now should work with unlimited number of columnns in case you have more than one translation in one file.
Furthermore you can also specify in which column the original lives and the script calculates how much percent the translated word/sentence is longer/smaller.

So if now someone could give us a guideline like “sentences may only be 10% longer (max.) and 5% for single words/buttons to fit in the windows” we could work with that.

Thanks for clarifying, egemen.


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