We need more attendance from COMODO employees !

I think we need more participation from the actual COMODO employees. I think 2 or 3 of COMODO professionals should browse the forums, read what bugs people have found, read their suggestions on how to improve the product(s), answer some questions, make summarys on why this or that should be a top priority and give us some info on the development process. Cos now we do get some answers from Melih, Egemen and some others (thank you for that), but they are rare and we can’t feel the rythm. People post a lot and do not know if there findings and thoughts have been taken into account.

2-3 of COMODO employees for 1-2 hours every couple of days could change the sicuation.

What do you think ?

Thank you !

(I know my English is limited :-[)

it would be nice especially on the bug board, but then again, i’m sure there are more than a couple that browse daily to read complaints, etc.

if only there were as many employees on the forums as comodo malware analyzers. ;D

I’m not saying that they are not reading the forums. But I think we need confirmations, that members were heard. :slight_smile:


yes. like in my previous post, mostly on bug boards. a simple “we are investigating this issue” or “this has been fixed in the next update” would help a lot. :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree with you Commodus… we need a couple of members a day to post back on some of the questions we ask.


each product is monitored by its team leader and team members in the forums.


I’m just the opposite. Id rather have the employees work on developing what they are.

I feel Comodo Staff here doing a good job as it is already. You don’t see this many staff currently on these forums, as you would on other forums (Like, ZoneAlarm Devs do NOT watch the forum at all, Not the CEO, not anyone). Comodo is lucky to have a CEO here daily and posting, And the staff that surround “Melih” as a great Entrepreneur.


And never give you any feedback on what they are working on and how ? 88)

I would like for developers to provide more info. I know there time is valuable. I’m not asking for much of it. A handful of answers every now and then and everyone knows what’s going on.

Why look at ZA ? Look at others. Kaspersky, Avast and so on.

I know - Melih rocks ! Huge respect for him. :-TU But we need specialist answers on specific product IMO. We see people that spend hours of testing, researching and reporting, users that sometimes do not get any answer :-\

Example, aigle posted this on the 20th of Jan,

It took 5 days to get an answer from the a dev, it took a message from a moderator to be viewed… if that didn’t happen… how long would it have been?

It’s just a few area’s on the forums that need to be better looked at… the “BETA” boards are usually fine.

I don’t think dev’s time should be spent reading all the messages in an attempt to figure out which ones they should answer. They should spend their time developing code. I think the system we have here works amazingly well to be honest.


That’s fair enough Melih, I can understand that. I have come up with an Idea… People who are in the “Computer security\malware research\Etc group” Have a special button on the forums that can “Request review from Comodo staff”. This way hopefully it should minimize the amount of filtering needed to be done.

Example of a post on the bug board:

I think that some users feel that when they report bugs, no one is listening to them, especially if the bug isn’t fixed in the next update. I know devs are constantly watching the bug boards and it’s very understandable if a bug is not fixed right away in the following update. But, if users get no feedback, they might just give up submitting bugs.

Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:


fair point.

we do try to emphasise regularly that all bugs are taken into consideration and fixed according to severity.


I doubt that can be built into SMF without much work.

I too would like dev to post. It doesn’t seem like it will take much time to say, “this should be fixed in the next update” etc. :slight_smile: :comodorocks:

While saying “next update” doesn’t take long, taking the time to ) investigate the particular issue, 2) working out the root cause, 3) working out a fix, 4) testing the fix, 5) getting it approved to go into the codebase and 6) working out how and when the fix can dovetail into their current development cycle can take an indetermined amount of time.

It’s really not as simple as saying “She’ll be right”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve got an idea ;D. Stupid, but still an idea (:TNG)

The devs could have a special button at the press of which a PM would be sent to the person who posted let’s say a bug report saying that: “We’re investigating this issue. If we need any further info we’ll contact you via a PM”. This way you’ll kill two birds with one stone: devs would not lose much of their valuable time posting answers/questions and the users would feel heard.

I realize that we as users don’t have much right to crave for more attention on the part of the devs (because we receive COMODO’s dandy products free of charge and that’s simply something else (:WIN)), but sometimes it’s frustrating that no-one in the know (devs, I mean) writes back.


I thought they already did that. ???

As I previously stated, we do thank people for recommendations and we do tell them all these will be considered when designing next versions.