We need highly technical people to help us with some testing.

We have a project that will benefit end users. The project requires the testing to be done by end users. We are looking for technically proficient volunteers to join this Security Testing Group that we have setup. The work you will be doing will directly benefit end users and it will be the first of its kind in the world!

If you can help by volunteering we would be grateful.

If you are interested pls PM me so that i can give you more details about this.

PS: we are launching this on 4th March (fingers crossed).


Hi Melih, I’m in if you want :slight_smile:


is there a list of real testers that work on the project? i mean active testers.
how many are we?

Thank you Xman, we really appreciate it.

Which firewall would you like to test?

Yes, it would be nice to have a list available of all the people that registered and what they have tested. I think some joined just to get/see the five stars.;D


Or some didn’t get around to testing yet. Or some didn’t realize when asked to join the testing group that the intention was that the results would be published on a public website.

I think Melih’s opening post here can’t be any clearer, and also agree with Al on the listing thing.

that’s possible… maybe it’s time to clean the list. :slight_smile:

Hey Melih, I would like to help. But I’m afraid that my skills as stated here

We are looking for technically proficient volunteers
aren’t enough. What actually is required?


It means spending a lot of time to test various security programs (mainly HIPS and firewalls) against leak tests and such. It’s essentially to see if x program can pass y test in z environment. You then share your findings in that board so that other CST members can share their opinions. How many programs (even if they have already been tested by another CST member) you test is ultimately up to you, but the more people that join the better the results. Might be a good idea as well to have a spare PC or something like VM to prepare. And yes - there are a lot of technical terminology that confuse me, but don’t let that discourage you (:NRD)

If it’s testing, I’ll be more than happy if I could join ;D. I love testing ;D


PS i like the new one !ot! (ganda’s gonna use it a lot ! ;D)

we try to find bugs, ways to bypass firewalls, crash them by any methode,
and test them with currents exploits to give a final score and post the result on testmypcsecurity.com
so if u got ideas to kick out firewalls or know ways to bypass them or crash them, we need your help. :slight_smile:
then firewalls that got issues will be fixed and users security will get better.
that’s our objective in the comodo testing group.

Hi Xan (and all those curious in the idea of being a tester)

The members that have answered prior to me have more experience of using the tests in a working environment, so everything they say stands. What I will say is that having a decent handle on technical matters and a genuine desire to test is a good start. You pick the sotware you’d like to test, create a thread in the forum about your test, download the results template. Help on running and interpreting the tests is given throughout the forum stickies and advice is given as you are going along in the thread you created. As a new tester, you’ll be eased into the process with guidance from the rest of the community.

some useful links:

Good starting place to find background information about the tests and how to set up a virtual testing environment:


Testing Results Form Template - https://forums.comodo.com/computer_security_testing_board/test_result_spreadsheet_is_posted_here_latest_version_is_194-t19934.0.html;msg136723

Download all the security tests in one zip file


Progress of tests/ which software has already been tested

(feel free to pick an ‘earmarked’ product. ‘earmarked by…’ does not mean ‘reserved’, it just gives the group a record of who said they’d like to test a certain product so we avoid unnecessary repetition. Just inform the group of the product you’d like to test)

project website


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normally, u have under your name : comodo testing group, if u’re allowed to be a tester.
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