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Hi Guys

I have put video blog at Melih Vision where I try to explain what I am doing and talk about current affairs affecting your security.

Hope you enjoy it and pls feel free to comment.



Spiffy, to say the least! :-TU :-TU
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Xman (:KWL)

I think you seems like a good guy Melih, and my girlfriend is really into you. (:TNG)
she wonders if you work out. :smiley:

Whats your idea behind this? (:NRD) (:NRD) Whats the goal? From time to time I have to be honest. I think you explain well but the video could be better and I don’t feel like it present you that well, if I didn’t know you, I would probably not find those movies intressting, for instance in the voice in the end saying “you have heard the thoughts of melih -snip.” feels a bit unnecessary, its like saying “you see the color blue”, its somewhat obvious, and gets annoying when seeing it many times. Also the english is not very clean especially of the guy speaking in the end, and it’s not in phase with the text. And the background could be cooler, sitting in a office is not that exciting to watch… And the text in the beginning take a lot of time to see through.

Also some humor don’t hurt… but is none essential. Do You Doubt I'm Rich? - YouTube
like that guy…

Anyway you do a lot of nice in the video too, and do you work out? my girl really wanna know by pure interest!

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LOL. My granddaughter Scarlett thought you were The Count, off Sesame Street.


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Hey Melih.

Excellent videos! I am glad to see you start doing Video blogs and hope to see you do more! You got yourself a subscriber. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! really appreciate the feedback…

The Count says hi to Scarlett :slight_smile:

I do not work out per se, but play soccer regularly that (in theory that keeps me in shape) :slight_smile:
The goal of these videos is to share my vision, perceptive and ideas about today and tomorrow with you all. Video is much better than typing in getting messages accross.




I particularly like the ones about cybercriminals and what the internet czars need to do.

To me, it highlights the fact that we are all approaching the fatality point, where our reliance on a technology, a service, a resource, a whatever, is being equalled by the dangers of using that technology, service, resource, whatever being compromised. We have an absolute need to use certain resources to perform certain functions, but the quality and efficiency of that resource has eliminated alternative methods of performing the same function without it.

■■■■■■ if we do and ■■■■■■ if we don’t.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nice job Melih. :comodorocks:

Check out this chart I created…

We first adopt technology with security being the last thing we think about, hence the vulnerability is very high…
and then something happens… a trigger… then we say, oh dear… then we start securing…

This chart applies to pretty much everything for adoption based things…
Cars… then came seat belts…
Airports… pre 911 and post 911…
PCI compliancy… pre Credit card breaches, post credit card breaches and so on…

I am trying to make sure before we hit that trigger point, we can reduce the vulnerabilities so that the effect of a potential hit won’t be so catastrophic.


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I watched all your vids, very nice and very good and valuable information! If I did not know you, I still would watch the video’s, they really catch my attention! :-TU

Thanks melih. Great stories

Great Videos Melih :-TU :slight_smile:

In my opinion though, Secure Internet will never be achieved, until Security Companies stop being dependend from malware makers. Paradox huh ?
Security Companies ARE dependend from the same people they are defending us. Security Companies do not want to see hackers and malware makers rotting in jail, cos then there would be no malware and people woudn’t need antimalware products. And they can’t let that happen.

Funny ? There would be no COMODO,Symantec, Kaspersky, Avira or others if there would be no virus makers.

So as long as we just take hits from malware makers and hackers and won’t hit them back - there will be no Secure Internet.

Thank you guys! Really appreciate the support.


Melih I feel somewhat bad, I was somewhat unfairly harsh in my previous post in this topic.
I was in a hurry when posting and didn’t really formulate myself that well.

The videos are great and you are very energetic in them, I like that! :-TU
It feels like the content is well organized and its fun to see you in some new videos.

I was mostly trying to give some input to things to maby improve.
Anyway those are good videos. :-TU

Keep up the good work, and keep playing soccer! (:HUG) (:HUG)

Don’t worry, we understand, you’re jealous because of your girlfriend. ;D

heh, lol

Could it be that some peaces were repeated ?
Is Your Security Good Enough? and the last peace of Computers Can Be Turned Against Us

Also, what’s fishing in computer terms ? 88)

Nice talks Melih, now we finally=

  • saw you ( ;)( in action))
  • know that you actually exist and that we aren’t dreaming :stuck_out_tongue:



You got me there!

■■■■ Melih for beeing such a chick magnet!


Thanks!! Very informative to watch.


Who needs television when you’ve got MelihVision?