Vivaldi Updates and Snapshots

Vivaldi is still in its very early stages but has come a long way. Like many other browsers Vivaldi uses the chromium engine but is very different than all the others. Vivaldi aims to be feature rich and eliminate the need for extensions. Vivaldi is still in the tech preview stage and gets a new snapshot once a week (Mondays). From the short amount of time Vivaldi has existed (few months) they already have more options than the new opera. I have been using vivaldi for a couple months and love it. There are so many customizations and options. For now extensions are not supported but they are coming.


Team Blog:

Latest Build:

Easter Snapshot


While other companies are busy making clever gags with fake products, and inside joke, we are busy fixing bugs and improve Vivaldi!

As we are preparing for the TP3 release, we wanted to get some more testing done. So, we are sending the 2nd snapshot build of the week.

In this build, we changed the way Tiling works based on the feedback. Now, you can right-click on a tab stack and select Tile Tab Stack.


  • VB-4745 Kill running instances of Vivaldi.exe before…
  • VB-4690 fix detection of flash on linux
  • VB-4711 Adguard no longer working in Vivaldi
  • VB-4757 Save password dialog missing
  • VB-4758 Quick Command doesn’t work for search
  • VB-4755 “Untile selection” persistance in tabs menu after closing the penultimate tiled tab
  • VB-1602 Added link gestures for new tab.
  • VB-4457 Issue Report: Right Click And Open File Doesn’t Work For A Downloaded Zip File
  • VB-4713 Issue Report: ctrl + enter shortcut eats the first letter when the domain starts with a w

They are supported, but there is no icon in or next to the address-bar.

I think Vivaldi is very ugly. :stuck_out_tongue: Its bright and flat Windows 8-theme looks quite out of place on Ubuntu, and the window-buttons to the right feels like Windows (so, definitely out of place).

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Since you know how, can you try adding LastPass? When I try it just gives me errors, but it may just be the way that I am trying to do it.

It was added without any problem, straight from the Store. However, I guess it’s useless if you can’t see (and interact with) it. Only extensions you don’t have to interact with are useful, it seems.

Wait, how did you add from chrome web store? I don’t get the button to add in Vivaldi…

Maybe your OS is blacklisted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nevermind, updated to the latest version and it’s working now… had an outdated version, guessing that was the problem.

When i try to add extensions the button is there for me either. It used to be but now its not.

EDIT: Weird i just tried it again and now its working. It wasnt working yesterday.

I agree the theme isnt the greatest but it has so many great features that i use. Im sure it will improve over time.

I personally like the the theme, but then again I do like the ModernUI look as well…

Vivaldi should support themes. :-La

Perhaps they will in the future? They’re still implementing features so it wouldn’t surprise me if it comes in the future… Or perhaps they need to be specifically made for Vivaldi? I mean, I’m guessing themes designed for Chrome would only work well if the browser itself has the UI layout and such, I mean, Chrome themes doesn’t have buttons for fast forward and such right?

Personally I prefer a default theme that differentiates itself from Chrome, and I like the Vivaldi default, but themes would indeed be nice however I would assume they need to be made specifically for Vivaldi?

Likely. They could at least include some options, such as a dark theme.

What would be cool is if the whole UI changed color according to the dominant colors of the website you’re on… That would be cool, if they could make the whole UI feel like an extension of the website… Iunno, perhaps that wouldn’t work, I just think it’d be a cool idea.

Thats already an option

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I meant the whole UI :wink:

Edit: And more seamless, for example instead of a solid color it would take the top colors of the site and take them up into the tab but a little diffused or something, so lets say the top of the site is rainbow colors, then the UI is rainbow colorish but diffused… Don’t know if I’m using that word correctly though.

that would be a cool option

Checking it through, I think that extensions UI is literally the only thing stopping me from switching to Vivaldi as my main browser. It would be nice with an option to close the browser when you close the last tab though, since I use that a lot…

i like it the way it is. i often close my last tab to get to my speed dial/bookmarks screen. They should make an option for it.

If I want to get to the speed dial then I open a new tab and close the “last” tab… I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even think about it anymore, indeed it should be an option, probably off by default.