Vivaldi Updates and Snapshots

I had to use the LastPass for Chrome (No Binary Features) link from the lastpass for Windows download page.

[b]Snapshot ( Updated tiling and tons of polish[/b]

Hey all,

Things have been very busy after a few days of Easter vacation. We are getting close to another TP and we are spending a lot of time on bugs and polish.

We have made some adjustments to Tab Stack Tiling, you now have a Tile icon in the status bar so you can tile Tab Stacks and selected tabs from there.

We have also added an “unread” tab indicator for background tabs.

Keyboard shortcuts continue to get attention and we have fixed a couple of annoying bugs there, for example the bug where shortcuts wouldn‘t work on error pages. Also Vivaldi will not send you back in history when you use CTRL + left arrow in text fields now.

Download and Changelog:

[b]Snapshot ( Feature polish and tons of bug fixes[/b]

As each day passes, we close in on the next TP. We are spending lots of time fixing as many issues as possible to make the TP3 as good as it can be. We hope you are as excited as we are.

To mention some of the most important changes and fixes, we fixed several issues related to installer/autoupdates. It should no longer cause any of the update/uninstall issues seen in the previous snapshot build.

Keyboard shortcuts received several new fixes. It now has the ability to restore/delete them in an easier fashion.

Download and Changelog:

Never used a Chromium based browser because I’m a Firefox loyalist, but I will try this one.

It’s the best and most feature rich one IMO

[b]Snapshot ( more bugfixing[/b]

This week has been a bit emotional for some of us as we learned that the company many of us worked for before, Opera, dismantled it´s Oslo desktop team and fired some 70 employees around the world.
As you can imagine, this is a major move for the company as this is where it all started, with the desktop browser in Oslo.

Many of our good friends around the globe lost their jobs. Our thoughts are with them all.
Clearly this makes our task even more important and we will continue to work hard making the best browser available for you, our friends.

In this build we have fixes mouse gestures for mac and linux.
You can now also enable native native windows decoration, something that has been frequently requested by our linux users.
We also added unread page indicator in tab-stacks
Several people has also complained that the context-menu is positioned wrong when you are on linux with more than one screen or while on HIDPI screens. This is now also fixed.

Download and Changelog:

You can now also enable native windows decoration, something that has been frequently requested by our linux users.
Better. Much easier to grab the window now.

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[b]Snapshot ( TP3 candidate[/b]

Hi, we’ve reached the point where we have a release candidate for the TP3, so we are launching another snapshot today in preparation for that.

Because of the hard work and testing from you, the users, and our internal testers, we have been able to find and fix some of the bigger issues at such a fast pace that we wanted to continue fixing these, so that we now have a more stable Technical Preview.

Download and Changelog:

[b]Snapshot Better keyboard-shortcut editing and user statistics[/b]

Last week was busy with TP3 launch. We are happy to see we have gotten one step closer to Beta :slight_smile:

We are starting a new week with another snapshot. This week, we have polished keyboard shortcut settings.

It’s now easier to change shortcuts and you can have more than one shortcuts per action.

To be able to serve you, our users and friends, in the best possible way, we need to know a little about you.

We need to know how many you are, what HW/OS you have and where in the world and which language you use. This helps us make the right priorities on our resources.

Starting with this build, Vivaldi will connect with our servers for this purpose only once per day. We do not collect any usage data.

This is only for us to have a general feel about our overall user base.

Download and Changelog:

[b]Snapshot Startup settings and tab-switching performance[/b]


One of the popular requests we have focused a bit on in this build is Startup settings. You now have 3 options for startup: Continue from last time, start with Homepage and start with Speed Dial. More option will be added later in coming builds.

Another activity that is going on speed optimization. We are rewriting some code to optimize UI performance. Tabs have gotten some attention this week.

Switching between tabs should be faster in some cases. Please look out for bugs here as this is still work in progress.

[b]Snapshot with more settings[/b]


Following up on the new startup option dialogue, we’ve added more options this week. You can now define a list of pages to start with.

We have also added an option to disable single-key shortcuts. Paste and go (Ctrl+Shift+V) now also works when you have focus on the document, not just when address field is focused.

The settings window should now also start faster after a small tweak.

Just need extensions UI and I’m good to switch… :-\ Wish they’d prioritize that specific feature ^-^‘’

you and me both.

[b]Snapshot Startpage customization, UI zooming, auto-update on mac and more[/b]

Hi there,
Vivaldi is to be a very (dare I say the most) customizable browser, and a big part of that will be our UI. With this snapshot you will be able to change the Startpage background image, or pick a solid color. You can also choose if you want light or dark foreground elements, to better match your new background. Some truly creative uses are possible, and people have been seen sporting animated backgrounds for their Startpage in the Oslo office.

Another new feature is the ability to scale the UI. This will resize the Vivaldi user interface without touching web pages themselves. Hand-in-hand with this we are also converting our UI to use SVG icons. This means that icons will be as crisp as possible in any size. We already support HiDPI, but once this work is completed we will handle the in-between states much better.
All these new shiny things are available in the Appearance part of Settings. Go check them out!

If you are on mac you will also note we have a new entry in the Vivaldi menu called “Check for updates”.

[b]Snapshot Spatial navigation improvement, Mac build fixes, Windows 64bits get auto-update[/b]

Anyway, highlights for this week’s weekly build are has some nice little fixes. We made some improvement in Spatial navigation. All the shortcuts are hooked into regular keyboard shortcut settings. Go to URL is now integrated into Quick command. And, the bug that has been bothering Mac users for quite some time now, Command + T opens two tabs, has been fixed! There are some more work left for Paste and Go, but it’s in the context menu. For those of you running Windows 64bits build, we have now enabled auto update for you too! Let us know how it’s working for you.

I am waiting for Vivaldi final release.
Seems going to be an excellent browser.

[b]Snapshot Improvements to Search Engine Management, Spatial Navigation, Gray look and the foundations for customisable mouse gestures[/b]

The highlights today are improvements to search engine management, spatial navigation, an alternative UI look and work in progress towards customisable mouse gestures. In addition, there are a number of nice, requested fixes (see the changelog below for details).

This is now how color active tabs works in the latest build

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Can’t replicate?

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Did you update to the latest build?