VIPRE by Sunbelt Software

:-TU It’s just been released and it’s a bear against spyware/viruses. I beta tested it and I know what it will do. They’re the company that produced CounterSpy.

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Only now ? I thought it was out already some time ??? . Anyway, I think I’ll try it later.

tnx for the news :slight_smile:


After Twister, we have another interesting product. If the results are right, Comodo will have another good competitor being the fastest scanner and using the least recources as the plan to do this also :). I’m happy that more and more products are going this way. I’m waiting for the first official test results of them all :).


I have been beta testing VIPRE since Beta 3. I have no tested the release candidate,yet. I’ll see if I will, later on.

But the pros I’ve seen are:

  • low on resources
  • practical UI (User Interface)
  • capacity to eliminate threats while booting

The cons I’ve witnessed were:

  • conflicted with Comodo Memory Firewall. Don’t ask me how, but since I first installed VIPRE, I then had to add cmd.exe to CMF’s exclusion list, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to close the command line by typing exit. I’ll see if same happens with release candidate. (Sunbelt says they tried to repro this issue, but without success. Really? I did a clean install of Windows SP1, first with CMF and all Ok, I then installed VIPRE, and I could no longer close the command line by typing exit. Funny.)

  • When accessing any folder containing large files, it would take a long time for the system to respond again.

  • To scan a single file I had to place it within a folder and scan that folder. (According to Alex and Eric now it has that option). I’ll see when I test it, later on.

  • And a few other bugs that needed to be corrected.

I must say again that I still haven’t tested the release candidate version yet, so I might change my opinion, for better or worse.

Anyone else try this? Reviews seem promising. Hard to give up my NOD32 but Sunbelt makes great products.

It cannot and will not stack up to NOD 32!

Thanks info.

I’m going to test this today & post back my findings.

EDIT: Findings-

+Good GUI
+Low Resources
+Good Detection Rate




thanks for the info, can you provide more info on the actual/expected detection rates?

Also do you have info on the actual ram usage?
thank you

Check out there site. All info provided there.

No doubt its a good engine, PC MAG gave it a 4/5 with no editors choice. I can see it as being a good engine, however I do not think it is better then NOD 32, or avira.

Have you tried VIPRE along side with CMF?

i use vipre now and it works great. Nice clean interface, and low on resources.
so far it found some cookies, and one trojan. I fhink im gonna keep this one :SMLR

Hey there and welcome to the forums (:WAV).

Could you please provide us some more information like screenshots of task manager to see how much it uses ? and a pic of the interface ?


Pics available at site. See here. Sublets site explains all with screen shots and a video.

Very promising engine. I’d like to see it make av-comparatives.


& I won’t… Will leave testing for a while.


They also said that they will include a firewall later on. I will post screen of resources in a min

I don’t test products if after are shareware products,hehehe.
I can’t understand how people test software for free. If a Company want gain money with it, they can “pay” beta-testers.
I don’t do the job of others.
I only test freeware(in Windows) and i switched to Ubuntu and I’m very happy.

Well, Kerio FW is a joke since they acquired Kerio, ruined that great FW.
Well, i’ll test the trial final version when will be available.

I only run windows for playing,hehehe.

here is pic of memory/cpu usage.