VIPRE by Sunbelt Software

gebruik je vista ?


yea i realy like vista, it runs pretty good. You just need enough memory so i got 3 gig memory, the max that vista 32 can handle. So your dutch too? cool (:KWL)
ow and the comodo firewall runs just fine with vipre

Then I’m wondering, how have you tweaked it so it doesn’t use so much recources anymore (if I can believe you screenshot)


You mean vista itself? If you want vista to run better, just go to configuration, and then you can adjust fhings. You need to put of windows vista aero, and all it’s other interface settings. That way your windows vista wil look more like xp, less nicer. But it runs faster though. Also, don’t use fhink like the vista sidebar and stuff, you don’t need it. But that’s all i did with it, nothing else.

Sunbelt didn’t acquire Kerio; they only acquired Kerio’s personal firewall.
Winroute ROCKS, BTW (we use it on our gateway); I wish Comodo would deliver something similar (Ya, I know about Trustix…)


here is a article about vipre, as you can see it’s like they say realy light on resources. Ow and it hase a fast scan speed (:KWL)

While resource usage and scan speed are things to consider they’re very much secondary to the important things like detection rate and quality of malware removal/prevention.

yea, but so far i can’t find any av-compariments ore something

I’ve been fooling around with it a little, i ran some malware on it, it gave me a few popup’s but could not prevent it from installing the rootkit. I know this is not a real test but it seems this one slipped trough… over all it look’s good nice GUI plain and simple overview. If i have more time i’ll try it again to see if i can reproduce it…

That’s why it’s risky relying upon a new,unproven product.
Although AV testing is only a guide,each percentage point translates to thousands of malwares and tests such as the VB100% at least allow a comparison to be made.

Also it takes time to determine how an AV interacts with other security software,especially at the kernel level.IMHO while there are top notch free AVs such as AntiVir out there with a proven record,there’s no rush to change to a new product until it’s been seen to perform over time in the field.

I reckon it may take maybe 12 months before we will have a clear indication of the full detection capabilities of Vipre, a few a-v comparatives and similar tests will be a great help.

If detection is similar to avira/kaspersky/norton etc it will be another viable alternative.

Time should tell.

it did passed the westcoast test :SMLR

It does show promise I agree. :■■■■

Matt made a review:

Overall he was pretty positive, it removed almost everything only some things in internet explorer where left over but alot av’s got that problem. vipre did great (:HUG)

  1. Well, that’s a hell long and sophisticated review … 88).

Well, better than nothing in the meantime ;D


VIPRE is promising. :-TU


okay so after a day there was a lil malware left on his pc, but sunbelt said that they will look into those problems like stuff still in internet explorer.

GO sunbelt (:HUG)

Well, he also says:

"Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus

Finally, an AntiVirus and Anti-Malware all-in-one package that actually cleaned every piece of malware in our malware test PC. Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus is my number one choice for cleaning viruses, spyware, trojans and adware. I’ve used it on about 30+ clients in St. Louis with 100% success. I hope the pc tools team can keep making quality antimalware products like this."

Now, is it true? IMO, not. But this is just me saying.

See where I want to get from here?

Best regards

I wonder why Avira AntiVir is missing in the VIPRE advertising comparison:

My guess is that Avira is as fast as VIPRE and the charts would also show how fine Avira is :slight_smile:

It’s a fair point, Avira is a good product and should have been tested, but we were focused on a list of the top 10 in the US. We’re more than happy to add Avira to a future test. In fact, feel free to compare the performance yourself if you have the time and post the results.

Alex Eckelberry
CEO, Sunbelt Software