Very dissapointed in CIS :( [CLOSED]

I’m very frustrated and dissapointed in CIS. I truly want to use it, but I can’t.

Now from the beginning, after 3.8 BETA messed up my network connection, I dropped it for a while. Now I decided to reinstall my PC to completely remove all traces of KIS, change my visual theme and install CIS again. So I did that. And what do you know ? After installing CIS and rebooting it locks my PC completely. NOTHING works ! And then the screen turns black after a short while. I have to do a hard reboot. After rebooting - same thing >:( So I booted to safe mode, Revo uninstalled CIS. Rebooted. After that - PC works fine. NO internet connection though ! >:( Reinstalling the network driver doesn’t help. Using CIS Clean Up tool by Rag doesn’t help. This will be the 4 time I will have to reinstall just because of CIS :frowning:

I’m a quite patient guy, but now I’m truly beginning to doubt about COMODO’s quality control and reaction time to bugs.


The CSC team seems to respond faster to bugs than the CIS team. :’( (And the CIS team doesn’t listen to my “wonderful” ideas. >:()

So, even when you reformated CIS didn’t work? ???

Um…if you stop using CIS will you stay or leave? :stuck_out_tongue:

After reformatting, I installed the newest video, audio, network drivers. And then my apps (I have like 8 of them on my Vista), applied the visual theme, configured it. Installed CIS. Lockup !!! Uninstalled CIS in safe mode - PC’s fine, no network and nothing helps.

I’m still enthusiatic about COMODO, but my trust is fading bit by bit. :frowning: CIS team is very slow at fixing bugs.

They probably are going to be fixed in 3.9?

Maybe. And maybe not. The point is CIS team releases a new version and then moves on. Practically no quick bug fixes (and they are NEEDED). And then people have to wait 2-3 months for the next release and hope that the bug(s) gets fixed.

One more thing - I noticed long ago that CFP/CIS releases weren’t properly tested.

I feel for you Commodus. I have just got my Windows XP Home Edition PC back on track due to a similar lock up after a Comodo CIS v3.8 477 update. I couldn’t get into my PC at all not even in Safe Mode. Not being very techy minded I never thought to use the CD-ROM to try a Repair and having no idea what a hard reboot is ended up reinstalling my system with the loss of all my unbacked up files etc.
I am running on Windows Firewall and Avira AV at the moment and came here today with a view to reinstalling CIS again but after reading this warning post from such a venerated Comodo expert as yourself I have decided to just wait and see what v3.9 brings to the table instead.

: Keep your chin up, in my case chins!!, and You like me seem to have undying faith that Comodo will eventually get it right, and fix all these annoying bugs, judging by the fact we have had similar problems, me mainly losing internet connection and having to do a system restore in safe mode in order to get it back, as well as less annoying bugs such as the trusted vendor one, and the " it works, it does not work" intermittent, in my case threatcast problem, and Scans freezing now and then. Keep the faith my friend, i think 3.9 is a week or 2 away , according to the jungle drums ( Melih said April in his post) and i cant imagine Comodo want to keep hearing about problems with their software for much longer without dealing with them,as it may be seen as they dont care anymore, and we, and many others lose faith in the product.

We keep the faith because of Cis Potential of what it already is and what it could become capable of, that is, a top notch Suite without annoying bugs and Parts that should work, and are important to security but dont. I personally feel once Cima Heuristics and Boclean are integrated and the Main bugs are fixed, then Testing will show that Cis is up there with the so called big boys with some major advantages, ie Buffer overflow protection and Defense+ . Couple the improvements/ fixes to these and Comodo will be a greater force to reckon with than it already is, and Free!!.


Hi there,

If you are willing to, i can have an EasyVPN session with you and see what you have. Please do not assume what you reported is reproducible in any PC.

Please send me a PM if you want to have EasyVPN based diagnosis with your username.


Thanks Egemen. But I’m affraid you can’t help me there. Because I use a trimmed down version of Vista. I know it’s CIS fault, but you won’t be able to troubleshoot my PC. (And I understand it’s not officialy supported)

Thank you anyway :-TU

P.S. I will try reinstalling my PC again and this time install CIS first. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how it goes.

I dont have to remote troubleshoot but you can do it with diagnostics utilitites etc. For this to work, even chatting instead of emailing can help.

I appreciate your work comodo but I think that there is alot of room for improvement within bug fixes,
This for example -

There is no issue there…That keylogger is injecting a DLL by using a registry entry protected by CIS. And CIS clearly warns about this modification.

However if you say, you denied all the alerts and still observed your keyboard activity stolen then we can talk about it. This has been analyzed a long time ago and we have not found any issues or threats.

We prioritize the issues according to everyone’s best interest.

Attachment contains the screenshots of D+ alerts while this keylogger is being installed… Like in your example, clearly not everything from every user is a bug or even an issue. D+ could not be more clear about detecting this keylogger.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I am curious what you mean by a trimmed-down version of Vista? I have a friend who has an OEM version of XP Pro and we could never get CIS to install and run correctly on his computer. He had most services disabled, which may have been why. I understand your situation is a little bit different, in that you have been able to install CIS, but it causes you problems AFTER installation. I have had CIS installed on 2 Vista Ultimate SP1 computers, 1 Vista Business SP1 laptop and 1 XP Home SP3 laptop since it first came out in Beta and have never had any problems with it. That is why I am curious if your trimmed-down version of Vista means services disabled? I don’t know anything at all about your situation, but a wild guess tells me that the trimmed-down Vista OS has something to do with the cause of your problems.

i uninstall my CIS because my pc is always hung/ freeze/ crush :-TD… i will wait for the next version :’(

This is my big complaint as well. There is usually no official comment on whether or not they even know there is a problem. Bug threads grow and grow and nobody from Comodo even says anything about it. Even a simple, thanks for the report, would work wonders as far as building confidence in the development team goes.

CIS signatyure verification engine(cmdagent.exe) depends on the following services:

1 - Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (RpcSS)
2 - Cryptographic Services (CrypSvc)

And if these services are disabled, CIS should be able to work properly but it tries to remediate these issues and wanrs the users.

Let me know if you have these services disabled somehow.

Both services are enabled and on “Automatic” here :slight_smile:

Can you pelase describe me the symptoms. Which version of CIS? What happens exactly when you install? Your internet connectyion goes down? Your PC freezes just before login screen? After login screen? Can you move your mouse while the freeze occurs? Do you have Spyweeper or Adaware installed?

The system is clean (just after a reinstall)

OS - vLited Windows Vista SP1 32 bit with all patches integrated as of March 2008

No other security software installed only CIS with Antivirus and Firewall.

I just install CIS, tell it that the system is clean and no scanning is needed, reboot. After the desktop shows, everything freezes. I can only move my mouse cursor. And then the screen goes black. And I have to reboot by pushing the power button.

So what has been stipped down? Can you please give us the details so that we can reproduce?