Verification Engine Wishlist rev 1

Please tell us the features/improvements you would like to see in Verification Engine.

I wish that the Verification Engine would be intergrated with the Comodo Launch Pad. That way there wouldn’t be two Comodo icons and just one where the user can access all Comodo programs in one icon.


Maybe this is too much to ask - but what if it had a ‘black list’ of phishing sites and displays a red warning to get the users’ attention.


Well, we have been toying around with some anti-phising ideas and built some prototypes. We’ll see where that research takes us first, no promises :slight_smile:


Thanks Melih,

Sounds good. If the research is successful I’ll look forward to it.


Any way to get it to work with Opera browser?

It should work with Opera now. ???


Will there be a new version? I just downloaded Verification Engine again, ran install program and doesn’t work with Opera version 8.54.

I will ask the developers to explain us.

thanks for alerting us.


One other thing, there doesn’t seem to be an “exit” or shutdown option other than bringing up the task manager and killing it.

The support for Opera will added sonner?


Perhaps for VE to verify the actual site instead of only the images?

What will that mean?



VE doesn’t work with IE “wrapper” type browser skins, like Maxthon, AMBrowser etc. They all utilise IE’s engine and guts but VE won’t acknowledge the pointer over the padlock or over an logo/image.

Is this too small a market segment to worry about?

Ewen :slight_smile:
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I was dissapointed to see that it doesn’t work with Maxthon well. Fine with IE6. Since Maxthon uses the IE6 engine, shouldn’t be too hard to make it work.

Hey Zeke,

It’s a bit harder than it may first appear. IE wrappers (like maxthon and ambrowser) don’t call or display the padlock in the same manner as IE. The executable itself uses a different structure as well. It’s a pity as I’ve grown quite used to AM Browsers feature set and would really like to be able to use VE with it.

If I have to use IE to use VE, so be it. I"ll just verify the site in IE and go back to browsing the site in AMBrowser. This method will only cost me time, not using this method could cost me money! :frowning:

Ewen :slight_smile:


I wonder what you think about the ability to verify bank logos in an email. With phishing attacks increasing, I think that this could be a valuable tool - which will also have the interest of the banks.

If this is the case, and the banks start promoting this more it gets the Comodo name out more, customers will use it and may use your other products for protection, and thus everyone wins. :wink:


is all I say :slight_smile:


Can I take from this you are already planning something, or are you keeping totally quiet on this one? ;D


Genius - GREAT suggestion, Mike!

Congrats on the 600!

ewen :slight_smile: