Unwanted automatic updates.


I like the CIS and have used it for a while now but can someone tell me why the hell CIS is updating itself after it has been “told” not to??? I’m on satellite connection which has some download limitation during the day (it’s the only high-speed connection I can get where I live). For that reason I update everything at a certain time. I unchecked all possible settings (firewall, antivirus etc.) I could find that have to do with automatic updating and the CIS still connects to your servers and still updates (?) whenever it sees fits. In fact it updates right now slowing down everything (because it takes 99.5% of the traffic)… not to mention it takes it very long time (so far almost 40min). I know that it is not my connection since everything, like files, websites and emails, load and download very fast.

If this software doesn’t do what it’s instructed to what else does it do that the users don’t know about? And since it takes so long to update a virus definition file what else is REALLY being downloaded or/and uploaded without user’s knowledge??? For an antivirus that doesn’t have as big database as a software that was around for a while it certainly takes way too long to update. It really should show in the info window the name and the size of the file that it is being updated and not just the percentage which gets stuck on 30% for 30min.

As you can see it is a bit frustrating. But if a software is set not to update itself then the software should NOT update itself. If it does it anyway then a software like that should NOT be trusted. It should be up to a user if he/she wants to set a software for automatic updates and NOT up to the company that makes it. If that’s the case then software like that it’s not better that the spyware, adware and viruses.

Thank you for your time.

Update: It took 42min to update the virus database.

Update 2: This is ridiculous… 2 minutes after updating virus database it decided to update it again even though it said that it was updated… and of course it got stuck on 30% again… and will be there for the next 30min… very “fishy”.

Update 3: I checked the “Active Connection” and being in 30% it has downloaded already 18.5MB. What for??? It was already updated… supposedly. I just killed the connection to it.

Sorry, but the AV database updates can’t be disabled.

And you know the database is small how? The AV analysts are adding approximately 4,000 new sigs every update.

And usually, it’s not the download of the definitions that takes a long time, it’s the installation of them. This should be fixed soon.

That’s my point. The user should have a final say when to update and not the software. Everyone realizes that this is an antivirus software and it will provide only a good protection as long as it gets a well updated database but it should still be up to a user as to when that update will be received.

I never said it was small database. I said it doesn’t have as big database as a software that was around for a while. I believe Melih himself said that the database contains the new virus definitions and not the old ones like most of the antivirus programs that were on the scene for a while now. CIS updates take much longer than any other software I tried (and tried pretty much most of them)… all of the major ones.

If it’s not the download (but installation) that takes so long why the connection it still active? The CIS itself says that cmdagent.exe is using 100% of the traffic.

I wouldn’t call it small, especially because of the rate it’s growing at.

Are you looking at the summary screen of CIS? This is not real-time and may display older information until it’s updated.

I edited my post a bit unfortunately not before your reply.

That and the connection icon in the systray which is still active.

Look, the CIS is a very good software. However, all I’m asking for is that, as a user, I have the final say about updating. And the updating system of CIS needs a bit of extra work. Especially when it starts a new update literally 2 minutes after finishing the first one. With all the other software when I run into this kind of problem I just block it with firewall. When I need it to update I just allow it through the firewall and when it’s finished block it again. I haven’t had much problem with other programs however. When updating was ticked off they didn’t try to connect to the Internet.

I completely understand. I was surprised too when I found out AV updates couldn’t be disabled, because I knew many people (like you for example) have good reasons to update when you need/want to. Maybe something in the future.


Absolutely. I would like to keep using CIS for many versions to come. The firewall is one of the best out there and the antivirus is getting better by the minute. Having both in one interface is very nice and… that is free just ties everything into a very appealing package. What would be even better? Giving a little bit more control over the application to the user.

I’ll never understand why ppl want to disable auto updaters in antiviruses. Of course they all know it better than AV companies… And before anyone jumps on my comment, i used to run Norton on 56k connection.
That means after i installed it (installer itself was huge) i had to download over 20MB of updates just to begin with. And i never disabled the updater. So doing this in era of broadband is just plain ridiculous.

Maybe this explains why quotes from first post.
“I’m on satellite connection which has some download limitation during the day”

What makes it worse is it appears he is suffering from failed updates.
It has download the full update three times and stops at 30% 18/20mb each time.


Can you please read this topic to see if it helps with your failed updates problem.
Thank you

When someone asks for something apparently they have their reasons. If you read my first post you would see my reason. Besides, if someone wants to disable automatic updates and either do them manually or wants to be able to set a specific time for them then he/she should be able to. It’s a simple feature so why not include it.

Maybe not all users know how to program but they definitely know better what they need from a software since they use it everyday. Besides, if AV companies know better why the hell every idiot complains about Norton or McAfee or whatever… if AV companies know better then apparently they know what they’re doing.

And again, when someone asks for something apparently they have their reasons. Just because you don’t agree with it or have different views doesn’t automatically means that you’re right or that you know what are you talking about and everyone else is wrong. Now, that’s what’s ridiculous.

Hi Dennis,

Didn’t see your posts. Let me go quickly through the link you gave me.

Update: This guy’s update fails completely. It did happen to me a couple of times. However, most of the time it gets stuck in about 30% but when I go to Active Connections the amount of MBs “grows” and the icon in the systray shows activity. Then the update actually completes successfully or so it seams (it shows the new number where it says “Virus Signature Database Version”).

What happens in my case is that two or three minutes later it says that my database is not up to date and it starts re-downloading. Now, when that happens a couple of times on all my computers (4 on my home network, plus occasionally a couple of laptops) there goes my daily bandwidth.

You DB number should be 955
Unless someone comes up with a better idea all I can suggest is uninstall /reinstall whether this worth it as it affects more than one computer I doubt it sorry.

Slow updates “is” fixed at least to some extent in the new beta.
But big updates will take time as long as your on a bad connection, there is no real way around it.

But a silly workaround you could apply is clicking firewall > advanced > Network Security Policy… And set Comodo Internet Security as a blocked application… That way It won’t be able to update it self or “steal” bandwidth.
And you can simply reset it to “outgoing only” when you want to do a update again. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Uggly image attached! =)


Hope that helps.

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The last line in my post was more like the worst case scenario. This happens randomly. The thing is that it never happened with the previous version just the latest one. I guess later on I will try reinstalling the previous version, skip the current one and wait for the next one.

However, due to the download limitations posed by my ISP during the day disabling automatic updates and/or having the ability to schedule update time would be a great feature.

Thank you for your time.

There is nothing wrong with my connection speed. In fact I downloaded a file that was about 50MB and it took half of the time it takes to update from Comodo servers. Maybe it’s the connection between the servers.

I just saw that there is new beta. I’ll give this one a try.


Is that good advise? Have you actually run CIS that way for an extended period of time without any
ill effects?


This is what I was worried about you might block local connections aswell.

No… I know the suggestion may be wicked, But as a “SuperUser” Iam sure this guy can handle all the possible problems he may experience… (:LOV) (:LOV)

EDIT:: from my limited testing it did not block anything necessary to connect the Internet, but of course it may affect the performance of the firewall in a bad way.

The antivirus in the latest beta contain a very small testing database, wait for it to be released as full (hopefully/probably this february), thats my suggestion. But ofc you could test it… But don’t expect it to find viruses so well… And when it gets out of beta, you will most likley have to uninstall it and do a fresh install of CIS.

It still passes leaktests as well when you leave it blocked… At least so it seems from my testing!

I guess Comodo does what its supposed to do, Stoping comodo suite from sending/receiving packages. But don’t interfere with other applications or comodos ability to monitor other processes. ^^ ^^