Unsigned developer version of Chromium Secure 36.1 now available for download.

Hi All,

As promised, here is a link to our new browser. An unsigned developer version of Chromium Secure 36.1 can be downloaded from:


This version isn’t intended for mass distribution, just a preview for you guys.

Chromium Secure and Comodo Dragon both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromium Secure aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.



I’m sorry, I don’t understand, what is the technical difference between them? ??? Or is it simply the same product with two different names?


That doesn’t really tell me a whole lot though, skimmed through the pages and saw no new features or such, so unless I missed something then it’s the same browser with different name and logo?

Hi Sanya,

Currently there are a couple of technical differences with Dragon having a feature list which is a superset of the features in Chromium Secure. Shortly this will disappear as we add the last couple of features to Chromium Secure (such as force SSL connections for sites visited) and we’ll be releasing a new version of Dragon too also based on this later Chromium codebase.

Did you install CS and take a look? Initially you’ll see they look very different.

For Comodo we want to currently keep the Comodo Dragon branding we add to our browser to reflect Comodo’s colours (just like this forum) and a lot of our user love it with things like Dragon logos as forums avatars and even desktop wallpapers. At the same time we’ve had a lot of demand from users and our partner distribution channels for a browser with the same look and feel as Chromium but with the same added value of Comodo’s DNA of security. This is where Chromium Secure comes in.

We’re just throwing this out there and gathering feedback from everyone to find out what people love and which suits them best.

Sanya, which do you prefer? The Comodo Dragon branding or Chrome/Chromium look and feel?

p.s. and of course Chromium Secure will have all the wonderful security and privacy features of Dragon, why would anyone want to use a browser without them :wink:

Hi Shane,

Thank you for the explanation! =)

Yes I’ve downloaded the Comodo Chromium Secure browser however haven’t done much testing with it. Now, after you’ve pointed it out, I see the difference in the look, mainly how tabs and such look. I’d say there isn’t a perfect balance here.

What I like more in CD:

  • The tabs
  • The bookmark star in the far right of the address-field
  • The drop-down list to the left from the Dragon eye

What I like more in CS:

  • The refresh and back/forward buttons
  • The icon… (Is there some way to get it to show that icon in the top left of Comodo Dragon? >_<)

Suggestion for CS - Detect if CIS is installed and if it is then show option to run browser virtually, or just generally add it.
Suggestion for CS - Currently when adding the browser to start menu in Windows 8 it is called Internet (Chromium Secure), Personally I think it should be called simply Chromium Secure.
Suggestion for CS and CD - When right-clicking extensions in the top-left of the GUI, add option to simply disable the extension (currently you can only remove and hide icon, not disable)


  1. Inbuilt translator still fails, should the option be removed considering extensions cover this feature?
  2. Comodo Secure DNS option is missing, is this intended to be returned in future versions?
  3. Is the portable version option intended for future versions?

I personally prefer the left side menu.

  1. Have an option to select left or right side for the menu.
  2. With the new universal V3 PrivDog on its way, drop the PrivDog extension inclusion with Comodo Secure installation (Still include Comodo Secure on the list of browsers with PrivDog V3 of course).
  3. Maybe better still, exclude all Comodo extensions and have a specific Comodo extensions page with a ‘Show/Hide’ shortcut link to Comodo Web Store.

I would love this too, feels wrong to have the meny at the right side :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to tell dev’s that the browser works great :slight_smile: i have no issues at all for the moment :slight_smile:

TBH, I didn’t notice much difference between the two but wouldn’t it make more sense to develop just one chromium based version. One version packed with a huge array of usefull Comodo extensions (downloadable). Maybe break away from Chromium’s versioning and go with your own (but still building on Chromium’s source).

Personally, I feel the extensions make Dragon (plus builtin features). Talking about features, maybe group all Comodo’s additions into one area (say Settings, Comodo tab, along with history, extensions, settings, etc) so these features are easily accessible and noticable to new users.


Hey, testing this and it is so far great. One thing, I always test browsers to see whether or not they make multiple connections on startup and whether or not they close them out automatically, other than the home page I have set, which is https://www.startpage.com, the other automatic startup connections are and Both are Comodo and it happens whether or not automatic updates is on or off. But they seem to continue running without shutting off. It seems they both resolve to download.comodo.com so they seem to be update related, but shuld they run all the time? I ask because users whose internet is data capped may run into a problem. Otherwise, so far, great browser.

Edit- seems the two connections use 50mb combined. I am using a computer that has no other Comodo products.

Why do you use this ugly icon for this new browser?
Can you please use this icon.

It looks nicer than all your icons. Best in my opinion.
I attached the .ico file to help you to change it.
Please use it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

There is bug I think. The same with Dragon.
Flash Crashed. on this site : Kılıçdaroğlu canlı yayında ağladı
Video cannot load, I tried some and every try was fail.

Also I cannot play the video on this site.

This is inform to you devs.

Interesting views guys… currently Chromium Secure is the same as Chromium in this regard.

Hi Captain,

  1. Ok, I’ve reported to QA guys.
  2. Yes, CS is currently a sub-set of Dragon.
  3. Same as above.

We only have a few more features to add, DNS and portable are the other two.

Although we may skip portable for this product and keep in line with Chromium.

This is the updated Dragon icon. This icon is used in the new version of Dragon we’ll be releasing soon.


Can you please offer more information about the flash crash? We are mostly interested in:

  • the link to the site on which flash crashes;
  • if it’s Adobe flash plugin or PepperFlash plugin;
  • Flash Version;
  • Operating System Version;
  • Platform Type;

Thank you for your support.

Edit: To check the type and version of the Flash plugin, you should launch Chromium Secure , navigate to “chromiumsecure://plugins” click the “Details” button and you should see the details in the Adobe Flash Player entry.

  • the link to the site on which flash crashes; I already give them into my previous post.
  • if it’s Adobe flash plugin or PepperFlash plugin; Adobe Flash Plugın
  • Flash Version; http://i.hizliresim.com/Y5BkRz.png
  • Operating System Version; Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 - Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugın

I attached the video, please watch it. It shows the crash.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I will use Comodo Dragon then. I love the icon. Thanks for the information :-TU
But I think you should develop the icon of Chromium Secure. I cannot see the icon because I am using small icons in the taskbar. It does not look clear!

I gave CS a little test run but my 1st feeling of it is that it’s running slower comparing to CD. Maybe the code ain’t fully optimized yet or something…

Some feedback

In General so do i prefer the Dragon look/feel over Chromium Secure’s look/feel.
Tabs - The tabs in CS looks better then in CD.
Menu - It would be great to get it on the left side as in CD
Menu - Make a shortcut available for ‘Plug-ins’ (That goes for Dragon also)
Built-in Translator - Doesn’t work
[SOLVED] Included PrivDog - Doesn’t work
[SOLVED] Adobe Flash plugin (15.0 r0) - Flash ‘windows’ inside forum posts still makes Flash to crash. (Doesn’t matter what forum it is.) (It’s the same as in CD) :frowning:
[SOLVED] PepperFlash plugin (15.0 r0) - It doesn’t crash but it’s not possible to watch the content(s) of the Flash ‘window’ inside forum posts. It’s just a white box.(Doesn’t matter what forum software it is.) (It’s the same as in CD)

And finally a little question - What is the main differences between CS & CD. Code-wise, feature-wise etc. Would be gr8 to have a little chat comparing the two browsers.

Win 7 Home x64, Win 8.1 Pro x64

Here’s a larger view of the icon you can see in the installer screen (and the web pages when we upload them)

[attachment deleted by admin]