uninstall comodo firewall

Please will someone tell me how to uninstall comodo firewall? I have wXP and the usual uninstall from control panel does not allow me to uninstall. How do I get rid of the damn thing?

Hello dannywh, since regular uninstall doesn’t work you can try it in safe mode(see link).
Hope this helps.Just curious,why are you uninstalling?

The windows installer service don’t work under the safe mode. So there isn’t a chance to uninstall when you have entered the safe mode.
Btw. the installer seems to doesn’t provide a uninstall string in the registry and the uninstaller is broken, is doesn’t uninstall. It closes with no error messages and nothing will happen :’(

Please go through the attached instructions.

Please let us know what happens when:

  1. You try to remove it from Add/Remove section.
  2. If you re-run the setup application, do you get any message like “Do you want to un-install Comodo Personal Firewall”

Please let us know what you see, depending on that will guide you further on that.

If the uninstall is broken have you tried re-installing then trying to uninstall again?


When try to re-install it with the setup this mesage comes up:Please remove Comodo Personal Firewall before install again. So it don’t try to uninstall.
When I try to uninstall via the control panel the installation programm pops up (getting informations…) and closing without any question. Any way, i’ve reinstalled windows :wink: But maybe i can figure it out in a vm.

OS is WinXP Pro SP2 German with all security updates

my regular windows uninstaller does not even see Comodo Firewall as a program. I uninstalled Comodo Antivirus but cant uninstall firewall.
and theres not even a single word entry in “uninstrall” in help files. I didnt think this would cause such a grief.

Type uninstall into the search area under the help menu. You will receive a message that nothings been found, but click ok and open the first of two items that were found. This shows how to uninstall.




What on earth is the sense in having INSTALLATION instructions in the Help file that is only available after you’ve installed it???

Quad erat demonstrandumb. (That which had been proven to be stupid. LOL)

ewen :wink:

This doesn’t work either :o. The help shows two topics. 1 has nothing to do with the uninstall, the other has some text with a lot of broken links ::slight_smile: (I am connected to the internet). I tried the Windows uninstall. I starts the uninstall wizard and then stops. I tried to diable it at start up using msconfig. This doesn’t work as, once I have manually removed the files, and started up in normal mode again my broadband connection doesn’t work. I have to restore to put it all back and then everything works again :-.

You can’t even upgrade to a newer version as it asks you to uninstall the old one first which seems impossible. I have wasted hours removing and restoring and, at the moment, it seems as though a clean install is the only thing that may shift it.

Is anything being done about this as this product is getting more and more bad press on the web for this reason and generally I don’t think it is a bad product. I wouln’t reccomend it just for the install reason alone. If it wasn’t for this I think it is quite good.

This sounds like you’ve downloaded then tried to install. To install an update you will need to use the update feature. What version are you using? - Ver. fixed an issue with the uninstaller.



I have had this running for some time. No problems. I saved as then installed. What version? Who cares I want this off my PC and it doesn’t come off without a fight.

Rather than say “What version” why not say “The is the way to get rid of it is…”. It now says “I have just hit a bug” on a message screen.

Seriously, knowing what version could help to see if it is the latest version with the fix or not.
Also, what is your OS?

There are many users here perfectly happy with CPF and have no problem with the uninstaller, or do not want to uninstall (like me).


Look, we spent millions of dollars in trying to build these products, we continue to do so to improve these products and continously engage with users. We have been very good at respondind to our user’s needs and wishes and will continue to do so. However, it really discourages me to go spend lots of money in order to build free products for you to enjoy and then for you to come back and slander us with the nickname you have chosen.

Just ask nicely and be nice to us, like we are trying to be to you! There simply is no need for that name. I would appreciate if you changed it and came back and help us improve this product for yourself as well as others.



As mentioned previously in other posting, this installation/uninstallation issue is nothing to do with Comodo written code. Its an installshield issue. Our guys are working on a new installer/uninstaller that does not use installshield.


Ok. I don’t think it is slander. Slander is for the verbal word. Libal is for the written word. Also it is an opinion which is mine to spread, unless I am wrong ;). I have changed the name and apologise. Just a bit of frustration but unjustified as I have said before, and say again, it is a good product.

The version I have is
OS - XP with all the latest service packs

The only reason I am looking to remove it is that I have spent a lot of money going wireless which has a hardware firewall and I want to free up what is running on my PC.

As the product goes it works fine and looks good. It also seems less resource hungry than other firewalls I have had to pay for.

So how do I get it off my PC?

Thanks for your understanding.
We will make sure to help you.
We will get our support guys and developers to guide you thru the issues you are having.
not sure if you sent the email to support@comodo.com but if you havent’ done so pls go ahead and send it. Our guys will have to ask you lots of questions in order to figure out whats happening, we rarely have this problem, if at all, and each case is different. So please bear with us we will resolve it.


This worked for me using XP latest downloads. I can not be held responsible for any problems you may have using this method but it worked on my PC

Go to Start Run and type msconfig and click go

You then get a system config utility

Click the services tab and untick any Comodo entry

Click the Startup tab and untick any Comodo products

Click the apply button and then the OK button

Now you need to restart so click the restart button

When the PC restarts you get a splash screen saying you are in diognostic mode. Tick the Don’t ask me again and the PC will continue to load

Once everything is loaded close down the PC (NOT reboot)

Start up the PC again and check that all you want is working including internet connections

If all is OK go to Start Explore Programe Files and remove the Comodo directory and sub directories to the recycle bin.

This should get the programe off your PC.

Run Regscrub (if you have it) and Windows Installer clean up (If you have that)

I haven’t tried this bit but it may now allow you to load any newer version if this was your problem.

Hi there,

In CPF installation directory, there is an utility called fwconfig.exe. All you need to do is “fwconfig -uninstall” on command line and it will cleanup all CPF installation entries. Then you can delete the files manually.