Unable to use IPv6 properly if "Filter IPv6 traffic" option is enabled [M1364]

My ISP assigned me a IPv6 address yesterday, so I decided to play around with the IPv6 internet…

If I enable IPv6 filtering in Comodo Firewall, my IPv6 connections seem to be blocked completely for the most part. Sometimes a connection will be allowed, but it’s sporadic at best. If I uncheck that option, then IPv6 connections work flawlessly

Multiple IPv6 aware client software is affected like Mumble, mIRC and web browsers. Is it some other part of my network security policy? I have “Stealth Ports Wizard” set to “Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis” also.

Help me out? I have the exact same problem. Komodo blocks Ipv6. Ipv6 - native.
Win 7

From my understanding, most of issues regarding IPv6 should be fixed in the new version.
Please try the new version.

Keep me updated.

2 days of using the new version.

No result. Ipv6 disabled. :frowning:

Hmm… I’m not sure. How did you test it?
Please provide some steps to reproduce your issue.


I do not understand. http://test-ipv6.com/
Option “Enabling IPv6 Filtering” is enabled:


Option “Enabling IPv6 Filtering” disabled:


Please create a bug report here with the required format.

Thank you.

I do not know much English. I do not think that will clear.

1. What web browser did you use?
2. Attach a diagnostics report.
main interface window > question mark (?) > support > diagnostics
3. Attach your configuration.
main interface window > tasks > open advanced settings > configuration > export
4. Attach a system summary.
run > msinfo32 > save


Firefox main browser.

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