Unable to create CRD on USB device.

I am using CIS Premium version 6.0.264710.2708.
I have downloaded and am using the file comodo_rescue_disk_2.0.261647.1.iso.

I have a Cruzer Titanium 2.0 USB flash drive. I have attempted creating a CRD with 2 scenarios: (1) formatting the drive with FAT32 (using all default parameters), and (2) formatting the drive with FAT (using all default parameters). The results in both cases have been as follows:

I start the Comodo Rescue Disk interface from within CIS. I select the ISO file (as noted above) as well as the target drive (also as noted). I then click the Start button. The process of creating the CRD begins and results with:
(1) a message box appears with the text “Can’t get size of file”. I click the OK button.
(2) anothe message box appears with the text “Can’t read file!”. I click the OK button.
The process finishes with the interface displaying “Rescue disk writing error.”

Any help would be much appreciated.

Instead of downloading the ISO and specifying the location prior to creation, let the creation process download the ISO as needed. This was the only way I could get it to work with the same errors.

Thank you Radaghast.

I did as you suggested. The process still failed except I did not get the two message boxes before I got the “Rescue disk writing error”.


I too am getting the same errors as you have all mentioned. Any solution?

Hi~ a_b and GlennB :wink:

YUMI can write to USB stick the CRD.iso. If the error occurred, you will get an appropriate message.

YUMI : Multiboot USB Creator (Windows) - http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/

ps. “about COMODO Rescue Disk error message.” https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis/about-comodo-rescue-disk-error-message-t94249.0.html
and “why CRD require the 546MB disk space?” https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-rescue-disk-crd/why-crd-require-the-546mb-disk-space-t94252.0.html

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Savit, thank you for the info on YUMI. An excellent tool; worked flawlessly.