Turning off update alerts? [Merged Threads]

hi. i was wondering if there is a way to turn off the balloon messages that i receive when comodo updates the virus database. they pop up from the taskbar through the comodo white shield with green checkmark. i have looked in settings and in one area, it has a place to allow/stop balloon messages, but it was already unchecked, yet i still get them. thanks for any help

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Sorry no you cannot.

Is there a way to turn off the balloon messages that appear in the system tray every time the virus database is updated? It gets rather annoying getting 2 messages every time there is an update. I couldn’t find anything about this in the documentation except under Parental Controls. I don’t have a need to use the Parental Controls as I have no kids at home. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I do not use any password to control access the Comodo.


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No, there is no way to disable the balloon display for AV database updates.

I think Fazio pointed me to it that it may have changed for 3.9. To see I disabled the balloon messages and went on using my computer. Even after a reboot I didn’t see a balloon about the AV updating I think…

Thanks for the feedback. I am running 3.9 but I don’t know how to turn off these update notifications. They get rather annoying when there are multiple updates throughout the day.

Eric, where were you pointed to by Fazio in order to rectify this issue?


There are two locations:
right click the tray icon, click ‘Display Balloon Messages’
Misc./Settings/General uncheck ‘Display Balloon Messages’

I did as you suggested and in both instances the Display Balloon Messages is unchecked but the messages still pop up every time a virus database update is done. Any other suggestions?


I think that disables all baloons apart from the AV update one.

My question is, do we only need to have an updated AV database if we are going to perform a scan? Or is it beneficial to keep it updated even if i’m not going to scan?

Because i’m considering turning it off then updating just before i do a scan like other programs.

I already have Balloon messages turned off and still receive AV update notices.
No big deal, as I don’t mind the AV notices, but obviously some do. Maybe add an option to disable these notices (separate from other balloon messages).

I even tried using the Parental Controls feature to disable the alert messages but that doesn’t seem to make any difference either. They still come up - 2 balloon messages every time the virus database is updated. Maybe it will be resolved in the next version of the software.


In addition to having the ability to turn off the 2 pop ups, it would be nice to be able to schedule the virus updates. It seems to slow things down when performing other downloads or uploads.


I would like it if in CIS v4, the AV update notifications were in the same visual style as the ‘FW/D+ is learning’ popups, instead of being a tooltip :slight_smile:

Or temporary disable it while gaming. Not a gamer but I agree with the gamers it would be useful.

Hi all!

I was wondering the same thing, disabling the virus database notification balloons.
For example, if I leave my computer turned on for a long period of time, the notification balloons “stack up” and I have to click several balloons to hide them. It’s not a big deal I guess, but still…

Also, are there really so many updates, I mean several a day? Or is my CIS just acting up?


Wondering the same thing myself, I have had 4 over the course of today and just a while ago it went to 1271 and then almost straight away went to 1272.

is this right?


Hi guys,

Yes you can disable the av update notices.

Go to Antivirus>Scanner Settings and untick ‘ShowAlerts/notification messages’.

There really are several updates per day now :-TU.

Hi All,
I joined this forum because of all the update balloons and to learn about the software. How many times a day do you update?
I have used this great service for some time now. The software works great but the balloons are getting
quite annoying. The same thing started when I only had the firewall, again it was 3-6 times a day of balloons popping up. I changed to the full CIS hoping it would stop and it did, But now it’s back to the same old tricks.
Please fix… It’s driving me nuts!!

Try Antivirus/Scanner Settings, uncheck ‘Show Alerts/Notifications’.
Does this help any?