trusted vendor list and Maxhton Asian


I am from China mainland and I have maxthon as my default browser. As a matter of fact maxthon is very popular in China.

I noticed Maxthon Asian was in your trusted vendor list and therefore there’s almost no pop ups for maxthon.
But, recently, I have seen many comodo pops regarding maxthon. I also noticed that Maxthon Asian is no longer the “trusted vendor”.
How dose the trusted vendor list come from, and what happened to Maxthon Asian? Do you think there’s something that you cannot “trust” in maxthon?

I used maxthon a lot and the removal of maxthon from your trusted vendor list make me nervous. Does maxthon collect user’s private profile?


I downloaded the latest version 2.5.15 and it works perfectly. When I went to install it, in the D+ events it showed scanned online and found safe. There is no reason why you should have any problems.

There is problem. I’ve reported similar problem here too and the post was just moved to other place.

And it can now indicate that the problem is caused by the removal of Maxthon Asia from the trusted vendor list.

thanks hkjoj.

I admit that I haven’t googled before I posted. I just did not think there would be someone else that encountered the same problem. But it turned to be true. O0

You can add it to the Trusted Vendors list yourself. Go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Trusted Software Vendors > Add > Read from a running process and select Maxthon :slight_smile:

I am more concern about the reason of the removal of “Maxthon Asia” from trusted vendor list.

Are there any problem with their digital signature e.g. related to malwares? If that’s the case, it should not be manually add back to the local trust vendor list.

Can someone from Comodo formally reply the reason of the removal, please.

I downloaded Maxthon Broser from here and it installed and ran without a single popup. Checking the logs shows that the installer was scanned online and found safe.

The problem of existing Maxthon users have not been solved. Is Comodo requesting existing Maxthon users reinstall their browser?

We now know the root cause of the problem. Should Comodo provide some formal reply as I asked in my last post?

just now downloaded & installed the latest version from official site. got unlimited rights popup digitally signed but not whitelisted by us. got installed fine with no probs. closed the browser & restarted again, 1 file was partially sandboxed, 2 D+ popups 1 for connection & 1 for shell. D+ events showing 1 file access block.
But browser is running fine with no probs.


have you changed any of the settings in comodo?

Please! Please don’t looping around. It is clear from comicosmos’ post that there is change from Comodo’s side. We have not changed our setting or at least I have not changed my setting.

Is it so difficult to get a formal reply from Comodo that why they remove “Maxthon Asia” from the trusted vendor list ??? ??? ???

it is not removed, it is part of the online white list, is this hard to understand?? The reason why I ask is if someone changed the settings, they can effect why you are having problems. Instead of complaining about it provide me with the answers to my questions. How about that?!?

Have you read my post. ???
The maxthon.exe is not in the online white list. I’ve written in my previous post that the response from the Lookup function is “unknown” >:( >:( >:(

You said it is not removed. ??? Naren’s reply also mentioned that the installer “digitally signed but not whitelisted by us”.

languy99, is your reply means the formal reply form Comodo? Please! Please read my post, I have answered you too!!!

I just redownloaded it and now I get the same experince as naren

I’ve also made a post in the thread to “Submit Applications you want to be made trusted here”. Hopefully we’ll get an answer in one of them.

There might be something wrong with some of the servers, this is what I get.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got that once and then the next time I downloaded it and installed it comes up unknown.

Either way it isn’t in the trusted vendors list, but that’s only part of the problem.

well I have done it three times already and I get the same thing over and over. It is part of the white list, from what I can tell to make something part of the TVL it will take much more now. I am sure they will add it but it is still part of the white list.

You scanned only the installer. It could be just that single installer file get trusted but not the digital signature of “Maxthon Asia” (i.e. it is not in TVL) and this can possibly explain the current situation.

I’m concerned about the reason of removal of “Maxthon Asia” because;

  • If the removal of “Maxthon Asia” is just because of a policy change in Comodo, then I can manually add it back in the local TVL.
  • If the removal of “Maxthon Asia” is due to some malware exploitation, then I better just manually add the maxthon.exe in the local Trusted File List.

I think hkjoj made the point:
Maxthon Asian was once on TVL but at present it is not.
(Is it deleted by purpose or by accident? There must be an answer, either A or B). :P0l

To answer languy99’s question:
I did not changed the config of COMODO. I have been using ‘proactive’ config all the time and I didn’t changed D+ settings.

Today I uninstalled & reinstalled Maxthon & this time no popups, it was found safe & is in the trusted lists.


Edit - Tried reinstalling 3 more times & it was found safe all the 3 times.