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Funny if people join the cause just to be rewarded. I signed up for this not to get something from COMODO. I already got the best gift I could have - a free full version of the best security product there is.

People work just for money, Not because they enjoy it. :wink: Anyway if the job is done for translations, and done well, then this is your salary… In a Comodo fashion. :slight_smile:


it’s not payment. it’s a form of appreciation from Comodo.

i think ppl can should take the offer. not because of greed.
but to experience the paid product and pass it to oher potential customer :-TU

Agree :slight_smile:

The text in Comodo tipsar is in English in 3.10… :-\

Should be in Swedish, as it was in 3.9.

In cfp.swedish.lang

	<string id="788" value="Gå med i Comodos forum\n ...och träffa tusentals andra Comodo-användare för att ställa frågor, finna svar, ge förslag, om våra produkter." />

is exactly as it was.

What is wrong? :-\

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I need help in finding where these Defense+ strings are located, which file. (see attached file) The same goes for Firewall strings.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I found that CIS now uses the text in cisinfo.ini. Why? :-\

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to test the cavscan language file with cavscan.exe? Many text placeholders seem to be too small or off the mark in the template files, so I managed to change many of them in the cfp language file, because I can test the results of those changes. But there’s no way to do the same with the cavscan file - cavscan.exe just won’t start.

Any help appreciated

Hi HVdogbert,

If you right click a file or a folder and select COMODO Antivirus, cavscan.exe starts. :wink:


Thanks for the tip, JoWa! I should have figured it out myself, I guess…
I’ve been using CFP for about three years by now… or maybe more. I’m not sure. But I never used the AV part before, not before the last week.
I have a NOD32 subscription and I don’t actually need the AV part of CIS myself, so CAV is a bit new to me - I installed full CIS a bit less than a week ago on a virtual machine only for testing CIS language files.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Maybe when your subscription expires… :wink: :-La

I would like to know whether the Macedonian language will be included if there are interested for translating? 88)


what about help files?