Traffic indicator for Comodo ? (asks a ZoneAlarm user)

Right now I am a ZoneAlarm user (free version). But after reading many articles i would like to switch to Comodo.

What i like about ZoneAlarm is it’s traffic indicator on the systray (icon with in and out leds to show traffic).

Does Comodo have the same feature or do i have to open screens to see current traffic ?

It is a showstopper for me as i really use this indicator to see what traffic is going on just by looking at the systray.



The icon for now doesn’t have that feature, but it will come in the next version.
Or am I wrong guys ?

The icon could also reflect if one runs CPF “Custom” mode, “Block All” or “Allow All”. Perhaps with blue/red/green colours. That would be nice.

Any news on this issue ?

No, you are right, this feature will come. I don’t know exactly when, but this feature will be there in a upcomming version

Ok, the day when this feature is added i will switch to comodo.

Another question. Compared to ZoneAlarm Free, will Comodo Free be less resource and performance consuming ? Besides a better protection I would like to have a performant and efficient firewall.

Yes, Comodo Firewall don’t use much resources, I almost not notice that I have it running :wink:

And there is no Comodo Free, Comodo Pro and so on…there only exist Comodo Personal Firewall, and that firewall is free :slight_smile:

hmm… this raises interesting issue: People seems to be comparing Comodo Firewall to zonealarm free, because its called free Comodo firewall…

hmmm… why don’t we name our Firewall Comodo Firewall Pro? (of course still be free :slight_smile: )

what do you all think?


Comodo Firewall (CF) would be enough for me, but you have a point there…
CFPro would be a wise decision. People always think Pro is better… :wink:

That’s why we have so many users installing with “advanced” instead of “auto”…
They think they will be better protected with “advanced”, even if they don’t know anything about firewalls…

So my answer would be Yes, I think you could get more users with Pro in the name. CFP

XYMOX2006 - As a long time former ZA user, I feel qualified to give you advice concerning a ZA to Comodo switch. First off, I agree that the little red and green lights in the sys tray are nice. But there’s constant traffic going on whether you can see it or not. I wouldn’t make a decision to switch or not based on that. I was using ZASS and half of the options were turned off because I didn’t need them or they didn’t work properly. After much hand wringing and reading, I found that Comodo has an automatic option, making it as simple as ZA. I successfully uninstalled ZA using the extensive uninstall procedure, and installed Comodo. I immediately found that my pc booted and shut down in half the time. The pc also ran crisper. After clicking 2 options Comodo took off in learning mode and aside from the occasional pop up, I’m not even aware it’s there. It’s light on its feet.


Yes…or we can call it Comodo Personal Firewall SuperDuper Special Extravaganza Pro Version :wink:


On the home page, CPF is presently called Comodo Free Firewall . The Pro designation would put it on an equal footing as other Pro products when making comparisons but it could be somewhat confusing. I mean a Pro version usually costs more than a non-Pro version.

So… Would the Pro be more free?

Hopefully it would be more free to the point that they paid us to use it! :smiley:

I agree that people tend to think “Pro” is better (although with the major-name software, it usually ends up meaning a “suite” or “package” to include firewall/AV/other stuff). Since the use of “Pro” seems to me to be somewhat deceptive (whether or not it’s seen that way), I would personally think something like Comodo Firewall - Advanced.

You’re telling it like it is; it’s Advanced, and the tests prove it. I don’t think anyone else uses that type of quantifier in their product name for firewalls, which would (maybe?) make it stand out more. Doesn’t say “free” but it could still come up under “Free Firewall” searches. Here’s another thought, to avoid confusing comparisons to ZA… instead of calling it “free” (where, you get what you pay for…), say it’s available at no charge.

But hey, I’m not in marketing! I promise I do not know squat about marketing!


Come on panic. It wouldn’t be free then. Now would it?

Thanks for the advice.

I have two computers, one I use as fileserver and which performs downloads. The other, a laptop, i mostly use to do other stuff on.

As i want more protection it would be better to have the fileserver and download PC using Comodo and i can evaluate the product there. When I am pleased with it I will use it on my laptop also.

When the traffic led indicator be introduced it will be a nice addition.

So i have now installed Comodo on one PC.

I have an issue. I could not connect from my laptop to the PC having Comodo installed.

I have removed the blocked line in “Network Control rules” for IP IN/OUT, and now i can connect to the PC.

But i think that is not right. Do have have enabled all IP connections ?

Maybe i should only allow IP connections from my laptop and block all others.

I think Comodo personal Firewall is just fine. The minute you start dreaming up catchy logos, you’ll start to lose credibility. As it stands people know what CPF stands for if they have looked into firewalls even a little bit. Like I say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

You should NOT remove the default block rule!!!
Put it back!
Have you created a trusted zone/network? (security/tasks)

I think that it could help. A name as “Comodo firewall Pro” or “Advanced Comodo firewall” could help you getting more free clients.

Melih maybe you should consider changing comodo lanchpad and make it “Comodo Security Center”, and maybe make an intergrated multiinstaller suite of the various comodo apps.

You could name it “Comodo Global Security” or “Comodo Total Security” suite.
People seem to like intergrated suites. :wink:

What do you think?