Traffic indicator for Comodo ? (asks a ZoneAlarm user)

Yes, i thought so…
I did it wrong. Glad i mentioned here so you could point me to this.

To be sure, i have completely uninstalled Comodo and installed it again using the automatic mode (the recommended setting in the setup.

I have made a scan of installed files. (Though i get many popups asking me to alow or deny common applications)

I have created a new zone for my network :

IP range is to

  • is my router connected to internet using NAT, no DHCP
  • is my fileserver where Comodo is installed
  • is my laptop, connection wireless to for internet access

After this my laptop can do remote desktop to my fileserver.
I left the “block & log” line in network control rules untouched and at the bottom.

My Azureus was firewalled, so i unchecked UPnP and added this rule :
Allow TCP or UDP direction in, source IP any, destination IP (my fileserver), source port any, destination port (the ports i have set in Azureus).
It works fine now, green smilies.

What i do not understand right now are all the rules that were present after default install.
The “any to any” in protocols IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP.
Is this safe ?

Based on my network config (see IP’s above) and the router having NAT, what config in Comodo would be best ?

  • Router (NAT enabled, no DHCP, internet connection with static IP)
  • FileServer (using Comodo) connected to router
  • Laptop connected to router (wireless)

I do connect from laptop to fileserver (remote desktop, file shares etc)
I do not connect from fileserver to laptop

My first impressions of Comodo are very good. It has a clean interface and much more settings compared to ZoneAlarm. It seems to be less resource and performance eating.

Thanks for pointing me to my mistake.

Your set up looks fine. If it works, good for you.
Comodo is the safest firewall on the market with default settings.
You don’t have to remove any rules in network monitor.
If you only use Azureus on your fileserver, you could “tighten” the firewall some more if you want to, but I don’t think It’s necessary.
If you want tighter rules, you can set them manually or go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck"do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo". Also raise the alert freq. slider to the top. Now you will get a lot of popups, and they will be more specified for IP’s and port’s.

I think Comodo doesn’t need to copy competitors that name everything “Pro”.

I’d rather drop the “Personal” than start to call it “Pro”. The average user won’t believe that a “Pro” version is free of charge. And he will think that there must be another non-Pro version. And that this non-Pro version must be the free version, as “Pro” versions never come for free. He will simply be confused.

If I understand correctly even businesses are allowed to use CPF for free, so “Personal” is already a misnomer right from the start.
Just call the thing Comodo Firewall and time will proof that users will use it if it is free AND good.

Just my 2 cents

Traffic indicator for Comodo ? (asks a ZoneAlarm user)

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I think Comodo doesn’t need to copy competitors that name everything “Pro”.


renamed to PRO & still free

Comodo Personal Firewall Beta