Topic for EASYVPN - to remote access without an accnt?

is it possible like the one computer you want to remote desktop… even dont have EASYVPN? is it possible to remote??? can anyone plz anwser and how to setup…


i have pc in my house then i want to remote… and i install EASYVPN to my PC and im login…

then im @ my office and i dont have EASYVPN is it possible to connect using REMOTE DESKTOP EVEnt i dont have EASYVPN??? anyone plz answer tnx im watiing

here’s what i find

and another for windows xp

tnx but

actually i have VMWARE many VPS in my 1 pcs… but only 1 i can connect…

tru router

then only 1 i can access… then i saw comodo is it possible i nid diffirent IP for each VMWARE…

but seems is there no software for that T_T

this is my VMWARE VPS

1 pcs > connect VMWARE that create VPS > for example create Windows Server 2003 or vista any os…

then i have 5 VPS the os is Windows Server 2003 , im using router , then every VPS has different ip but its only LAN IP… its not live

i nid the software is…

create LAN but it flow WAN IP… like comodo do … when you are connect it has a dedicated ip per accnt

actually im planning to make small VPS
my PC spec is

intel core 2 duo
with 16gb RAM kingston
with 2x 512GB Storage
LAN CARD Atheros AR8121/

i hope anyone help me…

and also my router has a dynamic ip… so every i restart my Router i will get new WAN IP …

hmm … what you can do, it’s ask on wmvare forum, is there abny possibility to change the static ip adress (the one you get with running virtual os) to the dynamic ip adress.

you can try to change adress under the virtual os. in controll panell → network connection

right click on connection → tcp/ip → properites and set up a ip adress. after that reboot v os and try it now.

and last but not the last thing. check on your’s router producer (on on ) is there any possibility to change behavior of this router. to get 1 ip adress at a time (not sure this will work’s)

its not working T_T

I’m not sure what your trying to establish here but if you are looking for hosting all your VMs on the same IP try NAT mode instead of Bridging.
This way all VMs will have the same IP on the LAN.

For EasyVPN to remote control a a system you need EasyVPN on the machine you wish to control it with.

here’s what i nid… tnx for replying

in my pc i have VMWARE then i already have 5 Windows Server 2003…

ok i already try NAT And bridging…

i try bridging it will has give automatic ip but its LOCAL IP… for example

my pC have

and my VPS 1 server windows sserver 2003 has for example

but it use for lan only

how can i global this IP like the other im behind the PROLINK ROUTER

theres also my router model PROLINK H9300G

for NAT it has ip but it not detect in my ROUTER…


i only want is

how to make every VPS in my WMWARE has a own ip so may client can connect tru REmote desktop

and i saw COMODO has a own IP and live but you only nid is the client how about the other dont have the client it is possible ? to connect? even i dont join the network…

sorry for my bad english… tnx i hope replying soon

If you are trying to setup 5 “Remote Desktop Sessions” FROM the Internet TO your VMServers you need to create the following.

On your external router you need to “Port forward” a unique port per server, for example Say you external Internet IP is

Port forward in the router: - Remote Desktop Port 49154 → Port 3389 - Remote Desktop Port 49155 → Port 3389 - Remote Desktop Port 49157 → Port 3389

4915x = Unique port range on the Internet side where your clients should connect to.
3389 = M$ Remote Desktop.

The trick here is to use Unique Port numbers on the “Outside” and Forward them to specific servers (IPs) on the Inside.

ok i see…

what process i will do?

bridging or NAT??

how do i make static if my lan is bridging? or nat not detect tru my router

You would need to bridge every VM so it keeps it’s own “static” IP.

You could use the Routers DHCP Server to assign a so called “Reservation” to a station based on it’s MAC address.

I would suggest you read the Manual of your Router and specially watch the DHCP and Port forwarding sections for more details.

Here is also an example for a “default” remote desktop setup for your Router.

This would become;

Virtual Server Entry
Time Schedule Always ON
Application Helper RemoteDesktopServer102
Protocol TCP
External Port 49154 from to 49154
Redirect Port 3389 from to 3389
Internal IP Address Candidates

tnx for helping but i jsut wondring how can i get global static ip for my VPS?

for example

my VPS has ha .

so the global ip i will use is

how do i create static ip…?? for each VPS?

i already do port fowarding… but i dont know the next step to create each static if i choice bridging bcause the networking auto asign the ip…

From the top of my head;
If you put VM in briding you should be able to assign static IP in the Server it self, you can easily find out if that works.

Just verify what ip address the server(s) have now by opening a Command-Box and type:

ipconfig /all

To see if the same IP’s show up, if so you can set them to static.
I think if your on NAT mode the VM tricks this IP scheme and has completely different IP’s in there…


You can check your Routers DHCP scope settings and make a DHCP reservation for each of your servers.

here :

in my windows XP has VMnet08 adapter and VMnet01…

VMnet08 for = Nat mode

VMnet01 for = host only

… in my 1 VPS

has a public ip…

then it use VM00 for bridging which its not added in my Windows XP Server

but my router detect the ip of my VPS

so how can i create static ip? for global and where?? i think i cant create in VPS because my default gate way is

so the range of my DHCP = IP Range

when i edit DHCP it will return the default

if you dont mind can u check in COMODO

remote desktop so u will see… if its ok… im always been waiting… tnx for replying

i’ve been 4days online since i join here…

heres my email:

in comodo remote desktop tnx im waiting… 24/7

I’m confused here, are you trying to set this up with Microsoft Remote Desktop or with COMODO EasyVPN?

And DHCP reservations are managed by the Router, so you should check your router’s DHCP capabilities to find out how to create a DHCP reservation for every single server. Or you can assign static IP’s to every server like:

IP =
Subnet =
Gateway =

Microsoft Remote Desktop… in each VPS in my VMWARE server

but you can check using COMODO im always on there… is a local ip

i cant make STATIC IP for global thats my really Problem T_T

can u help me T_T plzzz


here :

may Windox XP server has

VM08 internet adapter : which use in VMWARE for NAT
VM01 internet adapter : which use in VMWARE for Host ONly

VM00 internet adapter : which use in bridging for VMWARE

VM00 not added in my network in windows xp server >

in my windows server has 5 vps

the ip of my WINDOWS XP server is this is my server ip

  1. VPS has a obtain or static ip or whatever > the ip give in router is
  2. VPS has a obtain or static ip or whatever > the ip give in router is
  3. VPS has a obtain or static ip or whatever > the ip give in router is
  4. VPS has a obtain or static ip or whatever > the ip give in router is
  5. VPS has a obtain or static ip or whatever > the ip give in router is

    in 1 vps i already setup it static so it was static for local only so how can i global each ip?? of my VPS? like the other hosting they give different wan ip…

im behind dynamic ip router prolink H9300G

plz help me tnx

If you only have ONE Internet IP (that’s what you call Global right?) and more services/servers behind you have to make the remote desktop’s all 5 available on different port numbers on the outside like I explained here

So you have one Internet IP with 5 different external port numbers mapping back to 5 internals servers on 5 the same (Remote Desktop) port numbers.

If your IP is also Dynamic try to find out if your Router supports registration on DDNS for example like this My Dyn Account that way your customers can connect to a DNS name that get’s automatically updated as your IP get’s updated.

so impossible to make GLOBE STATIC IP DIFFERENT IP… each VPS

… for example for VPS 1 for VPS 2

so impossible to make that ip?

in 1 global ip dynamic

Yes unless you can ask your Internet Provider for more IP addresses on the same connection you have to use the different port number trick.

i see so impossible to create global static ip for each VPS T_T

why comodo have??

it has a different if you login they will provide own Global IP