Topic for EASYVPN - to remote access without an accnt?

I think I’m still missing something “What” Comodo product are you talking about, and what does that have to do with Remote Desktop Sessions?

If you are talking about EasyVPN it works the other way around. You can have 5 EasyVPN accounts login to those 5 servers and give your customers an other account and tell them they can do remote control with "their" account.

EasyVPN user Server1 is automatically signed in on Server1, has Remote Control enabled, with for example password x
EasyVPN customer UserServer1 signs in to EasyVPN adds Server1 to his list and can ask a remote control session of the Server1 to be started, get’s asked for the password and the remote sessions starts.

This way you don’t have to have multiple IP’s and don’t have to setup port forwards because EasyVPN handles the traffic.

but they nid comodo client to acces the remote desktop

how about VPS install comodo and it has own ip

how can they connect even the customer dont have COmodo

is it possible to make?

No don’t think so there are 2 major ways that are software independent.

  1. You have to setup your router/firewall to accept incoming traffic.
  2. You have to have a client/server software tool but both need “some” software on both sides.

There is for example TeamViewer that offers the client to use a Browser with Flash so you don’t have to install special software.
EasyVPN can’t deliver this, there is no Web interface at the moment.

But i don’t have any experience with this product, but maybe this could help you out.

teamviewer has a software can connect each computer but they dont have INstal internet adapter that i will nid… T_T

any solutions T_T

i realy nid is like this

In Global IP for example

for example

global ip connect may VPS 1… has a ip > then port

so tha ip will be global to but i dont know how to do that in router… and i has only 1 adapter T_T in every VPS

any suggestion?

Then just build it like this:;msg383095#msg383095


only 1 internet adapter available and its for bridge…

and if i add adapter

and i already do that theres no internet… when i static the ip… T_T

On the VM Server ?

You don’t need multiple adapters, if all servers are using bridging then they’ll use their own VM Interface so seen from the network you have multiple servers = Server = Virtual Server 1


bridging but how can i put in VPS 1 to global ip

with different ip in the Global ip to…

for example may default is

then how to make VPS server 1 global ip?

There’s no need for 5 global ip’s, you only need 5 global port numbers you can map back to 5 internal ip’s on the same port.

You link the unique external port number to map those 5 servers on the inside to.

actualy i already port all 5 server , and i already remote but.

here example

in my wan ip for example this is router give global ip

vps1 port is 12221
vps2 port is 12222
vps3 port is 12223
vps4 port is 12224
vps5 port is 12225

i access them in different port but same wan ip… so how can i add global ip for them each VPS different ip

You can’t your provider assigns you one single address, and routes only traffic for that IP Address to your specific connection.
In some cases you can have a “business” connection that has more IP addresses but you have to contact your ISP for more details about that.

i already talk to my ISP provider… and they cant give me specific ip for my request static… T_T is there any way to setup??

If your ISP won’t provide you one then no.

You can put whatever you want on your configuration, they are in control of what traffic for what IP get’s send back to your connection so no you can’t control your own ip addresses on such a connection.

Maybe you can upgrade to a business connection and then they could provide you with multiple IP’s

Please can someone tell what this vpn is about, is it just for charting alone or what? I downloaded it and do everything needed for the vpn to connect, it get connect and i can’t see how to use it to hide ip. Please is it not meant for that or what? Let someone kindly assist me on this forum please.

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Hi sunnybobo,

It’s meant for secure IM, all your chat messages are transmitted encrypted.
And you can build a ‘VPN’ network with your friends so it looks like your on the same Local network to play a game for example. All traffic you transmit/receive on the network is encrypted also.

If your looking to access the internet with an other IP then your local you can have a look at Trustconnect to see if that suits your needs.